Friday, January 18, 2008

Kapplanga Thoran/Stir fried Green Papaya with Coconut.

Papaya is one among the vegetable/fruit category known in different names all throughout the state of Kerala; Kapplanga or Papparakka in Central Kerala, Koppakka in and around Thrissur and Karamoos in Northern Kerala.

Papaya is rich in Vit A,Vit C, calcium,iron and protective antioxidant carotenoids.Rich in Fibre and low in sodium, papaya contains papain, a natural and unique enzyme.

The Papain in the mature green papaya works to break down various protein, in the foods we consume.The proteolytic action of the papain break downs the protein into carbohydrates and fats thus reducing the lymphatic congestion.

This post goes to Nags,(who nagged me a little :) to send over the recipes,without delay :) for AFAM-Papaya, she hosts.(Yes, the papaya tree is from our front yard, of our house in Kerala, as you can see).

Also, my third entry to RCI-Kerala hosted by dear Jyothsna.:)

Coming back to the recipe,Thoran is a dry side dish of Kerala, prepared with thinly sliced, grated or cubed vegetables mixed with grated coconut and spices, tempered with that touch of coconut oil.

You need:

Green/Raw papaya, peeled,de seeded and cut to small cubes- 2 cups
Turmeric powder-2 pinches
Salt-to taste

To grind coarse;

Grated coconut-1/2 cup
Cumin seeds-1/4 tsp
Garlic cloves-1 or 2 nos
Red chillies-2-3 nos
Shallots/ulli-4 nos
Turmeric powder-1 pinch

To season;

Coconut oil-A tbsp
Mustard seeds-1/4 tsp
Urad dal-1/4 tsp
Curry leaves-A sprig


I. Cook the papaya pieces in just enough water(say,in ½ or ¾ cup) in a closed pan till they are just half cooked and firm,adding salt and turmeric powder along with.Toss the pieces now and then while cooking to ensure even doneness.

II. Heat coconut oil in a thick bottomed kadai, splutter mustard seeds and brown the urad dal.Throw in the curry leaves.
Add the coarsely ground paste,which had been pulsed using minimum water, next, keeping the flame low.
Sauté for half a minute so as to get rid of any raw smell.
Dump in the half cooked papaya pieces and blend in carefully with the seasonings in the kadai.
Sprinkle water is necessary and keep the pan closed, with the flame; minimum.

III. Open the lid once in every 2 minutes to ensure the pieces are cooked soft and blended well enough, giving the wonderful aroma and the consistency of the Thoran!.
This whole slot should take not more than 7-10 minutes, in all.
If you feel any sticking or charring in the bottom sprinkle more water and keep the flame low again,very low, till done.
Enjoy with hot boiled rice and any curry!.

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  1. yummy! thank you so much for the second entry akka :) that really does look yummy! didnt know you get to buy raw papayas as well. havent seen any in hyderabad, i think they wait till it all ripens before deciding to sell it :)

  2. I believe I told you already that I din't but them.Got them fresh from our farm in our native place, ERMPT :)..Today when I peeled the papaya I could see it was half ripe!..Still it was yummy :)..Thank you,dear :)

  3. ehmm...looks great..not sure about the taste though!..Amma makes some kind of a curry with this..never attempted to taste!..was planning something..still not sure if I can..:(..I feel bad man...

  4. i had bought raw papaya a week back thinking of cooking something for nags. but when i opened it it was already half ripen :(

  5. Yumm Kapalanga thoran looks so delicious.
    Oh I have not had these dishes for ages.
    When i go home i make in my mind a whole list of food i have to eat, but then when i am there my list is so long ;-) there is no time enough to have them.
    And the worse thind is indulging you favourite food for two months when you are there is also not good for your waistline :-((((

  6. havent tried raw papaya yet,
    your recipe looks soooooo good ,beautiful pics too barathy

  7. Wow how many entries for the events! Kalakunreenga !!

  8. Another one to your li'l sister. Why don't you send one on my behalf.

  9. one of my favorites again...i just cant resist kaplanga , that i had to be warned not to consume it when i was carrying!

  10. awesome thoran !!!must have tasted great bharathy !!!u rock

  11. hi bharathy ,as usual u came up with another yumy dish...i am keep on saying ur dishes r just superb!

  12. For some reason I do not enjoy papayas at all!!! It has to be masked... liked the muffin idea!

  13. Somehow I have never bought papaya fruit or kai home. In fact there was a papaya tree at home when I was a kid. Though our house owner was very liberal, we kids never allowed my mom to even bring the friut into the house! :D I really wonder why we resisted even from tasting it once.
    As usual one recipe for three events! :) I am blogging only part time these days. It will be atleast mid feb to get back to regular bloghopping.

  14. It is soo strange to see so many people who don't like papaya... I love the fruit, and even the thoran, though not my favorite was one I never cribbed about... :) ... You two sisters are on a roll with the RCI, huh? I feel bad just sending one entry now :D
    Have a great weekend sweetie...

  15. Bharathy,

    This looks awesome! I've seen green papaya used a lot in Thai dishes, but this is looking very yummy. Nice entry for RCI and AFAM!

  16. wow....I've never cooked this before and it sure looks so tempting. I'm sure it would have tasted great. I'll save this recipe for now. Hope to try it when I go to India.

  17. Not a big fan of raw papapya, but this looks good.

  18. Thatz Fine,Srivalli and Sia!! :) regrets pls!,,Dont push yourselves for the event! :)

    Happy cook,and you are saying this posting those chicken wings?Girl,stop being soo revengeful ;)!!
    Yes you said it right!I normally get back wit at least 3 inches more addded to my waist line!:)

    Thank you girls,Sagari and Raji :)

    Anuppitta pochu Sugi! :) mattum anuppidunga..recipe ezhuthi nane post pannikkuren :D..

    Oh yes, me too stayed away from this one while carrying!..Nice to see a papaya lover, here :)

    Thanks a lot for your encouraging words,Deepa and Chithra :)..I too love your homely recipes :)..

    Hmm,Jyo, this too is masked in Coconut and spices..doesnt have that strong flavour of papaya!..coz I too dont like this one like you and try to mask as much as possible ;)

    Only 2 events!:)..and Lathamma we will be missing you till then!..

    Sig, your single post equates all our raining ones..:)!!!

    Thank you Kalai :)

    Ok Kribha!..but better relax when you are in India! :)

    Thankyou,Shella :)

  19. Hi Bharathy,
    My mother makes papaya koottu. Your curry looks so good. Thanks for sharing.

  20. the thoran looks great..never had it this way..but as a papaya lover..i know this will be delicious :)

  21. i made this and will be blogging abt it was superb!! thanks for the recipe


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