Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kaplanga Ularthu/Stir-fried Green Papaya

I had been a little away from home recently and had not been up with regular updations and blog visits.To top up, my camera failed to function, unexpectedly.Now that I am back with a simple dish.

Papaya, as you all know, is a common and well known Indian fruit.I have not come across much of dishes with the vegetable or the 'Green Papaya' in South Indian Cuisine other than Kerala. The tree laden with the vegetable is from my mom's garden and the dish was prepared fresh from a couple of them.

Kaplanga is nothing but papaya.Ularthu or Mezhukkupuratti is an oil coated stirfry associated with God's own country. Mezhukkupurattis had always rendered me the fine memories of Kerala with the mingled aroma of coconut oil and I love this mild spicy mix of the green vegetable.
This authentic recipe is posted specially for Suganya towards her lovely theme of Vegan Ventures.


Raw Green Papaya, deskinned, cleaned and cut onto thin 1" long strips-2 cups
Shallots-3- crushed or minced fine
Garlic-2 cloves- crushed or minced fine
Turmeric powder-2 fat pinches
Coconut oil-A tbsp(more or less)
Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Red chillies-4-broken into 3 pieces each
Curry leaves-A sprig
Salt-to taste


Cook the papaya pieces in a closed pan adding turmeric and salt in ¼ cup of water for about 5 minutes till the water is absorbed and the pieces are half cooked.
Heat oil in a kadai,splutter the mustard seeds.Add the crushed or minced shallots and the garlic and saute till the aroma spreads arounds.Throw in the red chillies and curry leaves,followed by the papaya strips.Keep the flame medium and toss the pieces gently allowing the oil to coat all over and the pieces are glossy.Turn or toss gently for a few more minutes till they acquire a golden colour as in the picture.Do not let it get fried for long.Toss again and serve hot with rice and curry.


  1. yayyyy!! i am going home sis :D :D

  2. I used to cook a lot with green papaya in India, never seen this in many years. Enjoy, looks yum!:))

  3. looks gr8!! nvr heard of it..will get a green papaya this time to try it.

  4. I have never tasted papaya! Some kind of allergy for the fruit! :D
    You are tagged dear! see my post! :)

  5. I've never tasted green papaya at all. Curry looks simple and delicious. Will try it if I ever get hold of it. Those blue flowers add a nice contrast to your dish.

  6. I have never been a fan of papaya inspite of it's nutritional benefits... but this raw papaya curry looks too good Bharathy. Hope to try it someday.

  7. Bharthy!!
    I never tasted raw papaya but it looks so delicious though!!!

  8. Bharthy!!
    I never tasted raw papaya but it looks so delicious though!!!

  9. what a lovelyy dishh barathy looks soo fresh

  10. Bharathy you are a sadist :-)
    Your a making me really home sick. I love this dish. In my moms place we too have Kapalnga tree and till i got married she used to make this dish just like u make. And i used to hog it with rice.
    I can just imagine eating them.
    Will have to wait till i am back in Kerala for holiday next year

  11. Green papaaya curry?I have heard but seeing first time...looks very nice bharathy!

  12. they r so inviting!i love this mezhullupuratti:)
    we also make a different variation which is a gravy form. with toor dal and adding coconut paste.

  13. love this papaya stir fry...grandma used to make this..i havent seen green papaya here..only ripe ones available i guess..will check next time when i go shopping..wanna eat this:-( really missed u...hope coming up with wonderful dishes....

  14. Its been ages since I had this one. My husband doesn't like papayya so I don't buy. My mom makes this curry. She even make koot with papayya.

  15. A special thanks for this lovely recipe, Bharathy :)

  16. Hey Bharthi,
    this is really lovely.Looks like potato.hmm looks absolutely gracious with teh green background there.

  17. I haven't had, well, seen a raw papaya since ages...we have it quite often back home.

  18. Bharathy, I got to try this, lucky for me we do get raw bananas in local chineese store. bookmarked !!

  19. That is a nice stir fry..similar to potato stir fry right?

  20. tasty raw papaya stir fry! never tried this, but i make some other curries with raw papaya :D

    i have sent you an email. pl check...

  21. Bharathy, like many others I have never tried green papayas till date. Your presentation is just amazingly gorgeous. My mouth is already watering buddy. I would just love to have that palya as is. It looks that beautiful. Thanks for the recipe.

  22. Hmm... my mom makes this in the same way. But I havent found a green papaya here in the US. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  23. Ok sis enjoy..(grrrr);)

    Thankyou Asha and swaroopa!

    Even I hate the fruit,but the raw vegetable is fine!..hope it is the same for you too!,Lathamma..

    Thanks Kribha! :)

    Same pinch,Lavanya.Glad to see your comments inspite of your troubles getting in :)

    Do I have to Thank you twice Padmaja?:)

    Sagari,Thanks dear!:)

    Tit for tat, happy cook(chilly chick and meat balls);)

    Thankyou Raji :)

    That is Kaplanga Parippu curry, Nanditha :)

    Remya, you have gorgeous recipes and pictures lately!..:)

    I have rarely seen Kootu/parippu curry other than in kerala.Nice to note that Shiva.

    Anything for you,Sugi!

    Glad to have you back Soumya..Missed you a loooot!!

    Aha, so you too make dishes out of them?,Sunita?..Nice of you to visit here,so promptly!:)

    Sreelu, hope you would blog that as well :).You can follow the recipe and make the same with potatoes,beans,Carrots,gourds,Jackfruit seeds,what not?even Yam!proceed with anything you like...

    Oh yeah, Rachel.The methods are all the same.Only the vegetable differs.

    Lissie,Love your new place!thanks for coming out the best out of my ing!!:)
    Nice to see you with your sis here,in this same page,Seema!Thanks for all those encouraging words...:).It is a pleasure to have you here!..
    Thank a lot,Grihini :)

  24. I have made thoran with unripe papaya, this recipe sounds delicious. I will have to wait till i go home to make it though. Lovely pics

  25. oh wow! i could have used ur papaya tree photos!! nice nezhukuparatti.i will link up ur recipe to mine.

  26. Hi Barathy,

    Thank you for posting this recipe! I stumbled across it while looking for unusual dishes to try. I loved it--easy to make, delicious, and beautiful.


    You can read more at my blog:


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