Monday, October 29, 2007

Indo Chinese Vegetable Noodles.

Indochinese dishes are the ones prepared using the Chinese cooking methods using the Indian ingredients, a fusion , accepted by most of the Indians world wide.

Vegetable Chow mein or noodles is my kids’ favourite, preferred any time of the day.As they are pure vegetarians( not allowed to stir in eggs either ;)..I go chop chopping the veggies...and once this part is done, the preparatory becomes simple and interesting.

Here’s my version of it..

To serve 4;

You need:

Noodles –a 200gm pack -I used Savorit Brand which is 100% veg.
Oil-to coat the cooked noodles-a tbsp
Oil you prefer-3 tbsps
Onion-one-sliced thin lengthwise
Capsicum-julienned-1/2 cup
Ginger-minced or julienned-a tbsp
Garlic-3 cloves-minced or julienned
Soy sauce-a tbsp-more or less
Green chilly sauce-2 tsps-more or less
Aji-no-moto-1/4 tsp
Salt-to taste
White pepper powder-1/4 tsp
Spring onions-chopped- to garnish

To cook the noodles:

Boil a litre of water in a large pan.Add salt.When it bubbles and swirls, add noodles.Reduce the flame to medium and close the pan with a lid.Cook for 4-5 minutes or until they are ‘just’ soft.Take care not to over cook.The cooking time depends upon the quality of the noodles and the softness of the water.Drain the noodles to discard the water completely.Keep the noodles along with the drainer under a running tap of cold water.Drain the cold water and add a tbsp of oil and mix it along gently using your fingers,as the noodles must have turned cold by now.This helps to keep the strands separate and glossy.


Heat 3tbsps of oil in a large wok,sauté onions for a few seconds, add ginger, garlic and sauté again.Now add the vegetables(carrot, cabbage and capsicum)and sauté for 2-3 minutes, keeping the flame high.(This is imp when it comes to chinese method of cooking).Let the vegetables be crisp or just cooked and not too soft.
Add the soy and chilly sauces, aji-no-moto and mix well to the vegetables.Add the cooked noodles and mix altogether.Sprinkle pepper powder and check salt.Garnish with spring onions and serve hot with Gobi  Manchurian Mushroom Munchurian any Indochinese sidedish.

The first picture is my entry to Click, the very own event hosted by Jai and Bee.

This is also my submission to Margot of Coffee & Vanilla who is hosting Vegetarian Awareness Month.


  1. looks lovely sis :) send to click!!!

  2. Hey bid sis listen to the little sis and send to click ;-)
    I love the indo chinese dishes. When i have chinese dishes here in places i always say there is not that zing we'vze back at home.

  3. Sorry Bharathy i mean to write Big sis

  4. hey thats one lovely dish!! looks pretty n healthy!!!

  5. It looks delicious.. and Indo-Chinese is the best :)

  6. Hi Bharathy,

    Lovely looking noodles.... Neat presentation.. Thanks for sharing.

  7. WOW...bharathy WOW......I fell in love with these noodles...Infact I amcraving for these now dear.......See u are torturing people....:-))))
    Great entry dear :-)

  8. One of friends from B'lore taught me this Noodles, I love the taste. Looks great Bharathy.
    Bee's Click is all about Noodles this month you know!!

  9. so are you sending this or have something better up your sleeve?

  10. me thinks you can do better - like the ghee rice or the spoonful of chirtmas - now those have the bharathy stamp :)

  11. Yummy looking noodles dear..wanna have some rite now..:D

  12. Love the look of your noodles

  13. That's so good. I prefer black pepper to the white one. Looks like the one we get in restaurants. Hey, send it to Bee for the click event. It looks good.

  14. My favourite food. they look yummy n vegetables add the much required taste, flavour etc.

  15. Thanx for this version of noodles.

  16. will take indo-chinese anytime :) looks very tempting, slurrrrrp :)

  17. I often make this dish, I sometimes add lil ketchup for colour and sweet taste. Nice one.

  18. lovely noodles....i too love to have noodles anytime like ur to taste from ur platter...

  19. Lovely noodles there...sending it to 'click'?

  20. i'm waiting for the plate of yummy noodles in my inbox. :D

  21. yumm..looks delicious's making me drool :)

  22. Aaaahhh. This gal is keeping quiet. She's got something in her mind. Is this yr 'Click'?

  23. I too prepared some simple noodles today! yours is looking very yummy! Always cooking for some event!:D I have sent you a email please check

  24. bharathy, your photos are excellent! i love noodles...
    i too have posted a chinese babycorn dish and MEME.

    please send me an email, i will send you my family photos..

  25. It looks delicious. Thank you for your entry for VAM.


  26. wow!!!this is a excellent one ...thks for sharing ..those spring onions are awesome

  27. WOW, looks sooo yummy Bharathy... What did you have it with? some chilli chicken or chicken manchuri? ;)

  28. your recipes are always tempting me to try them!this one I am sure kids will enjoy!
    hey! I tried your kadala parippu chutney yesterday! nallaridattu...:)
    thank you !

  29. Well, only after posting this and started receiving your lovely comments did I know abt the Click theme..
    Thanks for the encouragements, my dearies..this is not apt for Click...:)

    Thankyou Happy cook!!:)

    Yup,Padmaja..ceratainly,with all the veggies..

    Srivalli, Cinnamon and MT...thanks :)

    Sirisha kutty doesn't know how to 'torture' people...whaad an innocent gal..;)

    Would love to see your version Asha FH soon..:)

    Athellam illa Lakshmi :)..laughed a lot reading your First comment!!:D
    oho ithukkellam "Mudra" irukka..:)

    Thankyou for your visits, Siri and tbc :)

    Oh yeah Kribha me too.."black" has that kick u see ;)

    Thankyou girls...Pooja and Rina :)

  30. Richa,thankyou for your visit...after a loong time, I suppose :)

    Thankyou Bindiya...have to try your banana bread soon :)

    Shiva,yes..normally I dont add tomatoes...but if you like it tomatoey, u can add ketchup..depends on the personal tastes..

    Sandeepa..not yet decided, dear :)..thankyou..:)

    Thankyou remya :)

    Wow!!Sunita the judge for click!!!I am honoured my dear girl!!!
    ...followed by the judge cum host...Bee!!!:)...Let me see if I can send you something sensible than this :)

    This is easy to make try when you feel like..:)

    Sugi,you have to help me to use Adobe...yen vote ungalukku than!!:)...lanjam lanjam...

    Events do push me cook for the blog, Lathamma...but with this it is the reverse!!:)...just contributed as this seemed to be apt..

    Lissie...looking forward!!:)

    It's a pleasure, Margot!!:)

    Thankyou Deepa..:)

    Sigma kutttaaa...vachittundu njan...chicken manchuri...(boo hoo)...pakaram gobi manchuri ananne ullo..chicken anennu vicharichu adichu..(boo hoo):(

    Nandhi kutty is my chweeetest reader ever!!!Hugs da

  31. looks delicious bharathy...I have to try this...:))

  32. Looks great! love noodles anytime and in anyform

  33. kudi rombo jaasthi achu!
    ente maadhri kure aalkaru undengil karyam kashta alle??
    for the banana bread u can directly bake in the foil container...can also make it in a cast iron pan/container.

  34. thanks for your entry, dear bharathy.

  35. This is a must-try noodles recipe for me..can you pls tell me where I can find the Savorit noodles in the US(CA)?


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