Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fantastic Four Meme...

The Yum girl, Lakshmi, has tagged me for a Fantastic Four Meme.Thank you Lakshmi.

I prefer posting the memes separately without the recipes, attached.

(Whispering the reality- Simply can't overcome the recent laziness to blog recipes) :)

So please bear with me to come up with "a recipe less Meme".

Here Goes:

4 Places I've lived

  • Alappuzha (Kerala, India)-infancy,
  • Kottayam (Kerala, India)-childhood till marriage,
  • Thanjavur(T.N, India)-After Marriage,
  • Now residing in a town of T.N- Totally Nailed-Settled for the rest of my life.

4 Jobs I've had

Ambitions- Reality

  • Pursue education- Sacred Knot
  • Specialisation-Nutrition & Dietetics- Jr Chef
  • PhD Nutrition & Dietetics- Sr Chef
  • A decent job outside India-Mom of 2 ; a complete housewife.

4 Favourite places I've holidayed

  • Swiss-Grindelwald and Lucern in particular.I believe Swiss is heaven on earth.

  • London- the architectural beauty and elevation of its historical buildings, the charming and the friendly English.

  • Venice-the beautiful water body linking almost every where, the Gondolas, reminds me of "Vallam" and my ancestral Alappuzha(the Venice of the East).

  • U.S-Florida-the ultimate Disney world, magical Newyork, Las vegas for gambling and Buffalo for the mystique Niagara.

4 Favourite foods

Have a broader outlook here, as brought up in such a way, "not to ignore any food"..

To quote 4..

  • Anything related to "Kerala Cuisine"-Kappa puzhukku and meen mulaku arachathu topping the list.
  • Amma's and Granny's-Anything they cook(chocolate cake and vattipulusu to mention respectively ).
  • Kothamalli Thuvaiyal- by my ma in law...and only hers.
  • Ammayi's(her mom's) cooking-She had been my teacher for V had been brought up by her food tastes!.

4 Favourite places I'd rather be

  • A couple of days relaxing in a slowly drifting House boat in Kumarakom which stops now and then to load the fresh catches of Pearl spots and baby mussels and getting cooked hot in the house boat kitchen, and me nibbling karimeen pollichathu, kakkayirachi ularthiyathu.. with a cool can of coke.
    V and kids can very well join in, if they can tolerate the stink aroma :D..
  • Can spend even hours gazing at the crystal clear snow fed river flowing down up from the mountains amidst the fragrant flowers, the smell of the fresh green grass..deeply inhaling the fresh air.
  • My bed room cum home theatre, watching my favourite movie(uninterrupted till finish),with surround sound speaker effects,..V and kids can join, as long as they don't bother me .. :D..
  • Parents' place in Good old Kottayam..receiving pampers..eating all the favourites..with siblings..where I can be as I am..:)..of course back to V, with extra pounds.. :)..

4 Bloggers I like to tag


  1. That's a lovely meme. Glad to know more about you. I laughed at the way you wrote ambitions, striked it out and wrote reality. That's life.

  2. I like jobs too! Last two sounds almost like mine!:D
    Good that you are nailed in there.It took many yrs for us to TNed somewhere!:p

  3. Nice meme dear!:)) I love your simplicity!:))You don't know how wonderful it is to be nailed in one place! Though we built a house at trichy in early 80s, We always moved from place to place. I pestered my hubby to buy the flat we stay now so that we will think twice before shifting!:D

  4. Such a lovely Meme
    Join the club even my husband and daughter say stiking to our aroma of the fried fish karimeen.

  5. lovely meme!!! was very nice to go through...thanku for tagging me....

  6. hey, have you learnt to speak tamil? i find it very difficult to learn that language.

  7. Loved the Meme, the dreams we have :)

  8. Lovely meme! had fun reading it. ur approach is very realistic. i like it.

  9. Aaah. You have already done this meme. I seriously don't knwo what to write :(

  10. lovely meme bharathy... and the jobs u had and have is very adventourous ones :)

  11. Cutie pie........That was a nice meme ......enjoyed reading every line of it.....We dream of many things.....but we are pre-destined for something else.Anyways....who can be more lucky than settling up in a cozy place with ur husband and kids and being the 'maalkin' of the house.....Its a huge responsibility too....handling the house.....Thatz why the word 'home-maker'.
    Thanks a ton for tagging me dearie..will come back with my meme.
    Lots of love dear.....:-)

  12. Enjoyed reading your meme...good that you're totally nailed...we are still leading a nomadic life :)

  13. and now we know u a little better.:-)

  14. Hilarious way of writing. Good one :)

  15. wow what a lovely meme :) Bharathy.totally nailed and settled is good one than just like what we are still unsure whether we want to move or not :)thanks for tagging me !

  16. Loved ur Meme Bharathy and got to know so many things about u...:)

  17. Nice meme bharathy... you have had some great vacations.. :)

  18. my my Bharathi, nerathae njaan vilichathu "kochu-ghallie" enna, something for "kochu girlie"..eppo njan sherikkum vilikkum, kochu,...kochu kalllieee...u have tagged me!!! , things about me...i go back to my career development class where out tutor used to always remind us to keep ourselves prepared to speak about ourselves for interviews, and in 3 diff time slots..1 min, 3 min..and 5 mins...try it out Bharathy, ..just look into the mirror and try to speak something about u ...u see to get short of words right after the 31st second!!!..even the greatest big mouth wudnt have much to speak on instant about themselves for much...

  19. hmm this was nice.. i love doing tags, makes u think :)

  20. Oh yeah Kribha..just accepting the fact you have rightly said..:)

    Are ur daughter and hubby veggies??I din't know that!!...mmmhh

    Thanks Rohini and welcome to my place :)

    Bee,Learning Tamil is not at all difficult, since you know malayalam...even the Tamil script is easier than mal or hindi..

    Thanks to you Sandeepa and Swaroopa ;)

    Somehow,Sugi Tagging makes me realise abt myself..and I love to be might be wrinting the same, but give it a twist!!
    Looking forward to yours..:)

    Thankyou Sia :)

    You too are a real sweetie,Sirisha :)

    Thank you, tbc...sorry TEC :)

    Really.. Dhivya??Thanks for the sweet compliment!!:)

    Thankyou dear Prajusha and Siri..:)

    Sig,it was tough for me
    restricting to 4 !!:)..

    Sona...kalllleeee..vallya kalleee..
    Ok. I can time limits...oru divasam time tharam...Maryadakku vegam postanam..paranjekkam..

    Yes sis, you are perfectly right...I second you..:)

  21. Doing a 'meme' makes anyone think...sometimes it gives one, that fine opprtunity of realising the positives around his life..

    Some of my friends have made me understand that "being nailed doesn't really mean "bottled up"...but it's something better than being nomadic!!"

    A great big hug to Lathamma, Sirisha,Sunita and Roopa for making me really think and realise abt this..:)..

  22. nice one bharathy...good to know you! know doing what as you have listed as jobs are more difficult than the ones that you wanted!.so I think you are doing a great job.

  23. Bharathy I second srivalli,and Iam priviledged to know more about you than any others.Hats off to you dear excellent meme i'll share it with....and get back to you on the comments

  24. Nice meme bharathy, it feels really nice to know more about you.

  25. wow Thats a lovely meme Bharathy.. I really enjoyed reading everyline of it and really glad to know more abt u.

  26. Srivalli,
    Really??Thanks for that piece of advice, honey :)!!

    Renuka...appppppram pathukkren ;)..have a nice break in mom's place!!

    Shiva, Bindiya and Grihini
    Truly appreciate for visiting,and those lovely comments, gals!!

    Prema....!!!!! Welcome back ,dear..Missed you :(..

  27. thanks bharathy for letting me know. i have made changes to the code now and the comment link is working properly:) thanks again.

  28. Very nice meme, Bharathy. Great & glad to know more about you.


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