Saturday, October 6, 2007

Guess the food in the bowl!...

Never been up with a guess game so far!..:D..Can you guess the food in the picture?


  1. either chakka varatti or pazham varatti

  2. is it date jam?...or is it I forgot the name...the prasadam we get in murugar temple??

  3. hmmm guess its chakka varatti...

  4. i am so tempted to cheat :D i know this one!! lets see how it goes, eh sis? :)

  5. Looks like chakki varatti or some sort of kurukku.

  6. hai,
    i think thats BANANA HALWA.and of mangalorian type

  7. Being a non-mallu, I wud say wheat halwa :D

  8. is it some halwa? may be thirunalveli halwa:)

  9. I too think its Iruttukada thirunelveli halwa...

  10. hmm.. since i made plantain jam/pazham varatti from mrs.ammini's cookbook, and it looked pretty much similar to this..I would guess plantain jam!

  11. We make a chutney in maharashtra called as 'Kavathachi chutney' (don't know what Kavath-is called in english) it has a very sour pulp and seeds, inside a hard shell and we add jaggery and some chilli powder to make a chutney. your photo remimded me of that!

  12. ok here's a photo of the fruit!:)

  13. I Dont know what that is..but i really know that my mouth is watering now seeing it! ;)

    I kinda feel, its a fruit mixed with jaggery. In karnataka, we call that fruit as 'belada hannu'


  14. Bee

    you are right :) ..Well done!! it IS Chakka Varatti!!.:) (.banana haiwa looks the same too..but..if you would have been a little logical abt excempting plantains as the entries for JFI-bananas just getting over..could have made the single right guess..:))

    I’m sorry.. not Panchamrutham either!..:)

    Remya ,
    …you are right!..Congrats!

    Ooy Ooy I almost forgot abt the fact that you were around,when we were making this…lazy bum…poking with ur lap top all the time then..:).. (Nags)

    Sra, Red Chillies,
    Not sweet pongal or ragi mudde :(..sorry..

    Sumitha…right..:)..Well Done!!

    Suma, Banana Halwa does look almost the same too..:)Can you post the recipe if you have,Pls? the way..Welcome here…:)

    Sorry, Sig!!:)..thought you would guess right dear..

    Doesn’t wheat/thirunelveli halwa look transparent and more homogenous, Girls?.Thanks for making a nearer guess…from your views...gals. .:).. Sugi, Sharmi and Raji. .

    Sorry Dhana..Beet halwa has a deep ‘reddish” brown hue na..:)

    R.P kuttye…plantain jam made of Palayan thodan pazham and Aethapazham varatti are entirely different recipes na??But I would like to have both the recipes if you have Pls…I really need to see those versions!!!!..Nice to have you here..:)…this goes to your portal as well..
    Kavathachi might be wood apple, then..:)..thanks for sharing the pic, sweet of you!!:)

    Sona I’m afraid, you are wrong!:)

    Grihini, if 'belada hannu' is Jackfruit, you are 100% right!!:)

    I know I’d been a little inclined towards a Kerala recipe here, giving more room to my malyalee girls’guesses!!...:D..Still I enjoyed the comments of all my firnds who dropped in with the real spirit!!..Thankyou Girls..:)

  15. Bharathy....When I saw it first I thought it was some halwa with Dates in it......
    I just saw the answer 'Chakka Varatti'....Can u plz explain what it is dear ......

  16. :) I thought it was chakka varatti too, but that was already there, so had to come up with something else... ;)... Hope you got my email?


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