Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012 ~ Wrapping up for the year!

Mother earth has outlived the Mayan prediction and saved its beloved beings once again! The human race, amidst dilemmas debates about the end of the world, celebrated Christmas with peace and joy as always and is looking forward to the birth of yet another hopeful year!

For us, bloggers? Yes, another year to wrap up; to review, feel proud and to showcase the best posts of the year.
In spite of the hard work and the time involved for a blogger; food or general, he or she would admit the fact that the amount of enjoyment while working and the cheer that went along with them while sharing with their friends and readers!

So now talking about me, I believe I had been blogging without long breaks in between as I do otherwise.
I took special attention to the quality of posts and  pictures. I had taken extra efforts for the stepwise and they have paid well too!

The posts/recipes are selected considering appreciations in the form of  positive comments, mails, messages, google searches, 'likes', 'shares', 'pins' and also feed backs after trials from the readers.

Coming to the toppers...

1.   Kambu Sadam and Koozh, meal and porridge made from millet, the age old recipe of my family and probably the state gathered lots of attention and appreciation. Much to my pleasant surprise, I  receive mails about preserving and promoting this traditional recipe!

                                        Kambu Sadam/ Koozh

2.   How about chilli in a steaming cup of hot chai?
May be the 'hottest' picture my space could offer!

                                              Chilli Chai

3.   How to make homemade butter from scratch?
 This post was intended to be a tutorial that would benefit the learners in kitchen who yearn to make their own butter from milk. A bit elaborate, but they could do it, with loads of enthusiasm!

                                          Homemade butter 

 4.  The Eggless Banana Walnut Bread. This is one of my favourite recipes of the year. Each time I bake it, the bread comes out all the more yummier!

                                   Eggless Banana Walnut Bread

5.  Banoffee Pie had been the first post of the year. I highly recommend this easy to make classic English dessert for occasions and parties.

                                                 Banoffee Pie 

6.  While these cookies melted in your mouths, they melted in my heart !
The most loved and 'pinned' recipe.

                                        Melt-in-the-mouth hearts 

7.  I still can't believe the simple cake got to the top ten!

                             Whole Wheat Cashew and Coconut Cake 

8.  The lazy one pot meal that sneaked into the best 10!

9.  Now, the most google searched duos of the year belong to my home state.Well, this makes me feel really special :)

         Kerala Chicken Curry                      Kerala Green Peas Masala

10. On the non-recipe side, the pictures of my daughter holding chillies and food, swept away in a pleasantly unexpected way!

                                   Adding some life to Photography

So, guess that's all with the bragging :)

Before I pull the end of the rope, wrapping up, I have a word for bloggers in general...

Blogging is an art and a wonderful hobby. More than sharing recipes we love being with our friends and readers. Let ego or attitudes not spoil the warm relationships which keep us bound!
Blogging is more like gardening. Let's not pry into others' gardens and feel jealous of the plants and flowers they grow. Instead, visit and appreciate them. Learn from them.
Be confident about the tools you own. Sow your seeds, water your garden, enjoy nurturing the plants, be happy with your flowers and share the fragrance! And you have the most beautiful garden!

Yes, I am aware of the thieves who sneak into our garden plucking away the flowers not letting us know. Do not hesitate. Voice against them. Stay against plagiarism, by all means!

Let the world outlive the myth of the not so good, unlucky 13 and

Here's wishing my blogger buddies, friends and readers, their dear and near ones, a wonderful year ahead, filled with loads of cheer, wealth, health, food, good luck and all the nice things the world can give you!

Loads of Love,
Bharathy :)


  1. oh my God!!! what an amazing post!!! one of the best posts I have seen from a food blog in a long time. love it!! Happy New year!

  2. nice way to wrap up the year! Loved every dish in this round up.. Wishing you & your family wonderful 2013!

  3. Lovely post Bharathy and inspiring one for me

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Happy New year always beautiful pictures...wish you many more such exciting things to share with us..

  6. That is a wonderfully written post... Happy New year to you and family!

  7. Wish you a very happy new year, Bharathy.

  8. Hope you continue to have many many more successful recipes for this year as well. Looking forward to trying them out. Happy New year to you & your family as well as the blog readers and their families.

  9. Inspiring posts and lovely pictures. Wish you a very 'Happy New Year'!

  10. i love all the pics here and as i said before, the chicken curry tops the list of my fav recipes :)
    happy new year

  11. Beautiful Round up!!

  12. Happy new year wishes to you and your family.Beautiful foods with stunning pictures. Fabulous recap.

  13. lovely recipes..wonderful summing up!

  14. happy new year to the spicy chilly family! i love the example of gardening....

  15. Hi Bharathy: I love reading your blogs. Wishing you another great year of cooking and sharing.

  16. Beautiful way to part with 2012. I like all the pictures here, esp the chili chai

  17. Thanks Waverly! Wishing you a l4d survival warehouse great new year too! Cheers to more good food in 2013. :-)


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