Friday, August 24, 2012

Aval Payasam for Thiruvonam!

...when I imagine the crispers and store rooms and pantries of every Malayalee around the globe, brimming with vegetables, fruits and groceries...children dressed in all colours flying kites and enjoying the newly tied swings... some of them still busy preparing for the Athappoo, the beautiful floral carpet... the last minute shopping... last minute garment alterations at the tailors'....

Thiruvonam !!

Yet another year to welcome Maveli in a pompous way!

This Onam I decided to post an eazy breezy  Payasam which demands less concentration. You may make this without much effort, simultaneously making the Onasadya. Don't underestimate the taste, it's simBly great! :)

Aval Payasam (with milk and sugar)
Inspiration post

Yields- 1.5 cups or 4 small katoris
Total preparation time - 30 minutes

1/2 cup red rice flakes/ rose matta aval
A tbsp of ghee
2 1/3 cups milk
1/2 cup sugar (alter slightly +/- as you like)

Here we go...

Measure the red rice flakes /Aval.
Thin Rose Matta Aval is the best for our purpose.

Heat ghee in a wide non-stick kadai.

Dump aval

Fry continuously for a minute till the flakes turn crispy and emanates the nice aroma

Transfer to a plate or a tray, immediately

Pour the measured milk into the kadai and bring it to a boil. Lower the flame so that the milk doesn't boil over

and sprinkle the fried aval

followed by the sugar

Let the milk roll and bubble in low/medium heat. Scrape the sides gently with a rubber spatula every 5 minutes

This is exactly after 15 minutes (half way through). Stir once in every 5 minutes scraping the edges and the bottom gently

After 20 minutes. Almost done!

Exactly after 25 minutes. The piping hot Aval Pal Payasam!

                                                      Some like it hot.. oooh!.. :)

                                             Some like it cold.. aaah!.. like me :)
                               It turns thicker when cold. I stir in a little milk to dilute.

Author's Notes:

Traditionally Payasam is made in Uruli as you all know. A broad and wide non stick kadai would be the best  practical alternative in our modern world. Before preaparig the payasam see to it you fill it with water, boil and discard with a gentle rinse, ensuring the cleansing away of any particles of spices or heat of chillies, sticking to the kadai.
Aval Pal Payasam prepared by the above method doesn't contain added flavours of cardamom and is not enriched with nuts.
You can always have your own versions, flavoring with cardamom, adding nuts or substituting a portion of milk and sugar with sweetened condensed milk. This way you save half the stove top time!
Try crumbling the fried aval, gently with your fingers, before stirring into the milk. That would be a twist!

I had always been sticking to the method I had elaborated and had always tasted Heaven with that natural flavour of cooked aval in boiled milk! And I always love that way!

So, here's wishing you all a Very Happy and Prosperous Onam!


  1. Finally you got an Onam post here!!! I don't think I could able to do a single post for Onam this time :(... This payasam was in my to do list for a long time... will try this next week!

  2. i did the same for krishna jeyanthi :) yahoooooooooo

    1. :D I like that!! :) yes it's apt for the Jayanthi.aval and milk being Lord's favourite! I do the same too.

  3. Habby Onam! :D Loved the technique of frying the aval first before adding to the paal! YUM!

  4. We do get this aval here, sure will try...lovely clicks Bharathy! :)

  5. Easy and yummy fav anytime.

  6. Lovely festive post , beautiful clicks ..

  7. Such an aromatic and creamy payasam. Wonderful presentation

  8. lovely clicks.. n never made aval payasam.. ll try soon.. bookmarked it..

  9. Creamy, mouthwatering payasam!!! Lovely clicks...

  10. Onasamsagal to you. Do you get clean aval so you do not have to wash? This is creamy goodness in a glass!

    1. We generally dont rinse the thin flaky aval (grab good varieties) as it almost dissolves in water. anything for frying need not be rinsed (is what my motto ;)) except for whole grains and dal..

  11. In our household, aval payasam is made for Krishnashtami.. but sadly this year we did not have the fortune to celebrate krishna s birth nor did we have this payasam.. just looking at your clicks and reading this post has sated my craving for that aval payasam!! well written bharathy

  12. Love Aval payasam a lot.. Happy Onam to u and family Bharathy. Lovely clicks.

  13. Lovely Payasam. Advance onam Wishes to you!!! Payasam looks very creamy. Just got some time to read and enjoy your recipes. Awesome. I like the poondu kulambu. Thats exactly how my mom makes it using oru poondu. Love it absolutely.

  14. Bharathy, quick question: If I have to use condensed milk instead of sugar and part of the milk rpoportion., can you tell me for the above measurement, how much ratio of milk and condensed milk should i use? I will not be adding sugar if I use condensed milk. I don't like my payasam tooo sweet.


  15. To give you a quick answer, honestly i haven't tried that method.. 2 1/3 cups of milk is reduced to 1.5 cups. So logically replacing half of the milk with condensed milk must work. Dont add sugar at all if you like it less sweet. can always mix in towards the end.
    Just a suggestion. Pls try or apply you logics as well and let me know, pls
    Good Luck! :)

  16. Super creamy and irresistible payasam,prefect for the celebration.

  17. Such a tempting and delicious payasam..

  18. beautiful presentation bharathy ! seasons greetings :)

  19. Planning to try this one for Uthradam sadya ie tmrw:)Love the light brown colour of the payasam-yum!

  20. Happy onam to you bharathy, yummy Aval payasam and beautiful clicks too...

  21. Happy onam Bharathy! yummy and nice Aval Payasam.. nice clicks too

  22. Mouthwatering here,

  23. I liked it..and I am going to make it tomorrow itself.. can't wait... I have seen Aval in the shelf today evening.. thanks for such a great idea.. :)


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