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Tender Coconut Pudding

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This pudding unties a bundle of sweet memories in me! I can hardly remember when and where exactly I tasted tender coconut pudding, first in my life, may be in one of the Christian weddings, but I had hugged the taste ever since it melted on my taste buds when I was a teen. It contains no eggs and this should be the reason why it was so simple and unbelievably comforting! Getting the recipe was not a big task coz this was a regular dessert in many of the Christian homes in Central Kerala. I jotted down the recipe then but I lost it in due course of time...

This is a recreation of the recipe from the basic mousse pudding where I had substituted the coconut and water. It was simple and hassle free... a 'no chance to go wrong' recipe. I had wanted to try this for the past two decades and believe me, it turned out perfect and left me absolutely excited in my very first attempt itself!

Tender Coconut Pudding (eggless)
yields 25 medium squares.(Serves 10.. coz no one can stop with two ;))

 Get ready with :

1 tin sweetened condensed milk = 400gms = 300ml   I used Amul Mithai Mate
*Sugar- 1/4 cup scant (not more than 6 tsps if you prefer less sweet)
China grass / agar agar- 10 gms
Thick (non fat preferable) milk -2 tins; measured in the condensed milk tin.
Tender coconut water- 1 tin
Tender coconut meat - 1/2 cup
(you may need 2 large Tender Coconuts for the water and the meat)

Step by step method

To begin with ,cut china grass into one inch long strips. Rinse and soak in hot tender coconut water for 1- 2 hours.

Let the coconut you scrape out be tender and transparent rather than the opaque whitish matured ones.

Boil milk, condensed milk and sugar together.

Once it boils, simmer just for a few seconds giving a stir in between.

Heat tender coconut water in which the china grass had been soaked and melt it bringing the coconut water to gentle boil. I could melt it within 2 minutes of gentle simmer. Too much of boiling destroys the natural texture and flavour of the coconut water. It is tough to melt down the grass strands completely. A few might remain at the bottom and you may strain and grind it in a mixie before combining with the milk mixture. I didn't do this and combined as it was..

which brought up after the mixing along with the fine tender coconut pieces. These strands are harmless and doesn't alter the texture and the taste of the pudding. When you mix the china grass solution and the milk mixture, let them both be of the same temperature; either warm or luke warm.
 So, after you mix it all together pour in a flat squarish  shallow glass container and not like what I did coz it will be difficult to unmould and slice into serving sizes.

Freeze for 5 minutes and then place it on the normal refrigerator compartment to chill for about 30-45 minutes until it is set. Do not over freeze or chill as it hardens the pudding.

I toppled the bowl gently and it moulded out pretty clean.

Umm.. not bad...

Slice into serving portions. Did I tell you, I halved the original recipe? Mine yielded 16 unequal portions.
You can also use ramekins or small individual bowls for setting the pudding. You need not unmould too.

You may serve the pudding as it is.Transferring into plates is not an easy job as they are soft 'flubbers' :)

The berries are fresh from my garden. My vegetable garden is going crazy these days and I have topped the fruits for a colour contrast and make it  look glamorous.

Another reason of these fruits getting into the dessert is because Raks insisted to have either fruits or veggies in them. ...and all I have is coconut :)...
Well,  Raks as you all know is an awesome blogger with a wonderful variety of recipes, a girl who never fails to encourage most of the bloggers around with her warm and sincere comments. She had been surprisingly regular in mine though I skipped visiting hers many a times. This dessert is specially made for her event, Celebrate Sweets September 2011 event coz she really deserves something sweet and very special! :)..


 The pudding tastes better, * less sweet. However you can check the sweet level before you freeze and can add more if you want to.
I had added no flavours like vanilla as it just tastes good without a flavouring. The mild natural flavour of tender coconut is irresistible!
You can enjoy the pudding topped with cut fruits, berries or even praline.
I like it as it is :)


  1. I am in love with teh picture, and the pudding looks so so delicious. Only wish i got tender coconuts here.

  2. mouthwatering pudding bharathy and wonderful presentation too.

  3. Topping it with Manathakkali berry is so cute. Very nice idea and it provides the contrast and add the beauty to the click. Very nice presentation Bharathy.
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    Event: Let’s Cook : Hibernative Foods

  4. They look fabulous! I am bookmarking it!

  5. The pictures are gorgeous... Can't take my eyes off them.

    Tender coconut pudding is new to me, I've never heard of it before. I've got to try this.

  6. This is so so new to me. The dessert looks very soft and juicy. I always love manathakkali berries. And love that pretty colour. :) And thank you so much for this special post and taking time to send it across :) I am flattered by your words abt me , hugs Bharathy

  7. Sooooo tempting one..Looks delicious and mouthwatering.Beautiful clicks too..

  8. This is the best looking dessert I have seen in a long time Bharathy! The presentation is so superb that I could almost taste the pudding!! Very nice detailed method - definitely bookmarking this!!

  9. Wow Bharathy never heard of pudding with tender coconut looks absoutely delish and love your pcis too

  10. I love this a lot. But unfortunately, I ve never seen good tender coconuts here :(

  11. Stunning dessert I say. Loving the look of it :) Cant stop drooling dear. Yummmmy to the core. Plzzz make this for me :)

  12. The pictures are amazing. You are a pro now :) Love the food styling and the bast wood is amazing :)

  13. Cant take my eyes from those delicious pudding, simply irresistible..

  14. Very new recipe, looks delish and what a great way it sets and looks superb.

  15. Beautiful pics Bharathy! Varshangal aayi ee pudding kazhichittu....

  16. wow mouthwatering clicks my fav puding tooo

  17. absolutely fab clicks.. the berries do add a great contrast and make the pictures look very glamorous! i like the idea of tender coconnut for the pudding!

    Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog
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  18. Hi Bharathy,

    Lovely pictures..will try out this recipe for sure. One question on the berries, what are these berries? We have something similar growing in our backyard and have no clue if it is edible.. do these berries grow in bunches? We have been scared to eat them as we are not sure if they are edible.


  19. looks delicious and yummy,lovely clicks.

  20. Ur pudding was very new to me,but it kindles my interest to make it on my own.No channnnnccccccce ur photos r extradinary,beyond the words.

  21. Karikku pudding looks beautiful!I have a recipe written down from my Christian friends' mom but it uses gelatine.I have to try this!!

  22. OMG!!! I'm spellbound by the richness of this post.... Firstly, it is a tender coconut prep & secondly the captures are so drool worthy & does not fail to let us e-taste the prep, visually!!! U totally rocked the prep deary.... Wishes!!!

    Ash... :)

  23. Thanks a ton for all those encouraging words, girls! :)

    You all had made my day!

    Arc,we call the berries manathakkali in Tamil.the leaves are used for cooking..and the berries are edible. it's called Black night shade in english. Yes the berries appear as small bunches. They have medicinal value as well. Google for 'Black night shade' in images and compare your back yard plant with those. It should be the same. If you still unsure, do not try the berries, for the safer side.

  24. gorgeous gorgeous pictures...n the recipe bookmarked,...although i will have to scout around for the flesh :)

  25. Delectable pudding with the perfect velevty texture..This is one of my fav pudding...And gorgeous clicks too!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  26. superb clicks..feeling like grabbing d plate off d screen..n I love this dessert..yumm

  27. Thanks, Bharathy.. yes it seems to the same plant, but on wiki says some varieties are poisonous. There are a ton of ants on the plant :)..but very interesting to see it here.. I love this pudding .. i am so sure to try it out...waiting to get the karikku from the store.

    Thanks again,

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  30. Absolutely gorgeous dessert Bharathy. I have bookmarked it. those fresh berries on the top give such a lovely contrast to the pudding.



  31. I have fallen head over heals with every thing here Oh! my God!, I love tender coconut and coconut and what a gorgeous dessert, Now I need this to try out.., how I wish I could get hold of these somewhere here, love it.., gorgeous clicks too...

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  33. Looks gorgeous and tempting..wish I get tender coconut here..Awesome clicks as always :)

  34. Bharti,Absolutely loving it ....Superb ...Superb..

  35. Its beautiful and amazing pics!I want to grab a piece thru the screen!

  36. This is my fav too..The same recipe i try with Little variation...Awesome pics...Bharathy...Congrats for the pics is being featured..Great.

  37. Yummy pudding and awesome pictures Bharathy. I've tried this recipe and have posted the same on my blog. I've referred this recipe to my mom and she prepared it and gave a thumbs up :)

  38. lovely dessert and amazing idea... I wonder if the same can be made but with Nongu... ( tender palm fruits!) interesting thing to try. I had the idea cause I have some lying in the fridge :) Lovely pictures, am glad I bumped into your blog :) Out of curiosity, what berries are those from your garden ?

  39. This looks delicious, I will try it out. Thanks for the recipe.
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