Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sticky Date Toffee Cake with Hot Toffee Sauce

With those busy days getting back, I am literally struggling to click a picture of something I cook, edit, type and blog!As like any active enthusiastic blogger, the drop of 'hits' terrifies me to an extend and urges to 'blog something at least from the drafts if you hold'.

I had badly wanted to bake this cake ever since Sis posted and got me a pack of brown sugar(since I don't get it in my town, bah!) during her following visit and urged me to make! Being an ardent 'date hater' I had second thoughts baking this, fearing the flavour of this dry fruit and when sis assured about the cake surprisingly not having that dominating flavour of dates, I made up my mind to lay my hands on it!

Alas! the cake tasted much better than I expected with the dominating flavour of orange and vanilla on the other hand and the invigorating taste of the hot toffee sauce making it all the more appealing, hiding the mild flavour of dates!

She has the step by step version of the recipe adapted from, A Passion for Baking by Marcy Goldman and all you have to do is hop on to her space to know how to bake this yummy cake!

Take my word, if you like those fruity Christmas cakes, you will seriously fall in love with this one!


  1. Oooooooooooooh, yum !!! Looks scrumptious, delicious :)

  2. Oh my... I really love those christmas plum cakes... yours looks so decadent..
    Event: Healing Foods - Banana

  3. The pic is making me go week in my knees :-) wonderful recipe

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Omg, thats a gorgeous cake, irresistible toffee sauce,marvellous..

  5. Wow..having already seen this recipe @edible garden and now here, esp with the dripping toffee sauce just makes me bake this pronto n devour it faster..!! Lovely clicks..

  6. We're crazy about Sticky Toffee Pudding which is a classic dessert in England - this looks similar and quite delicious!

  7. super fab..I have added this to my must try folder..:)
    following you..
    stop by mine sometime..

    Tasty Appetite
    Event: Letz Relishh Ice Creams

  8. ah finally, the cake makes an appearance. the last pic makes me want to bake it all over again!! i have made it countless times since the first trial!

  9. I agree with the last part,this one tastes almost like an instant Christmas fruit cake.The last pic-YUM!

  10. I have tasted this cake...Yay!! :):) I know how yummy the cake and the toffee sauce just tastes out of this world!! Yummy bake Bharathy!

  11. Looks so gorgeous, irresistible & divine!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  12. The toffee sauce is making me lick the keyboard.. yumm :)
    How was vacation?

  13. Woww.... looks so tempting and delicious.. thanks for sharing dear !!
    Indian Cuisine


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