Saturday, March 19, 2011

POTW ~ Kitty on the Wall

As a matter of fact, I hate cats! Yes, I do!
 But surprisingly this kitten has become my pet ever since he popped in one fine day at amma's house. He was fed fresh milk, fish, meat, bread and rice whenever he was hungry and he chased and pounced on the mice in return..
He welcomes me with a soft meaow during my occasional visits to amma's and I take care of him until I leave..
While packing my things after the Christmas holidays, 3 months back, my parents were seeing me off and he sat there with his softest continuous meows, with his head hanging down. I almost cried while patting parents too ....

This picture was taken on a sunny afternoon while enjoying his peaceful nap after one of his sumptuous 'fish n rice' lunches.


  1. With the things u feed him, i would gladly become ur pet :) Although for the fish my husband would join in :D
    Nice shot of the cat... truly blissfull :)

  2. I am not too fond of cats too..somehow a doggie gives me more joy!!I hate leaving behind two adorable dogs in my parents place too..aah I miss them[both parents and doggies!]

  3. Cat looks so cute. Excellent photo taken as well.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. awwww amma's "eda pooche" i have some pics of him somwhere too!


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