Friday, March 4, 2011

Ode to my Angel

I still remember the day, brother and me waiting impatiently for amma who finally entered the house with a white bundle, carefully wrapped.
She lay there calm and quiet in amma's warmth. The joyous moment, of welcoming the bundle of joy with soft kisses on the rosy cheeks...

The first words she uttered, the first songs she hummed, while still a baby, in the cradle!

The day she first laid her tender feet on the earth, the baby talks, cheers and laughter, lighting up the family..

Her tender hands gripping my fingers tight, on the way to the play school for her very first day,
wide open eyes staring at her toddler mates who wailed the whole day,
yet I could see her getting along in a pleasant way!

The mind blowing performance presented for the school annual day,
applauds, appraises, the best child of the school, making us proud of our little angel...

Wonderful school girl and a tender teen when I found a friend in her.. movies, music, gossips, games..

Our baby grew yet again and it was soon time for those silent prayers while moving out of town for good; to work, to attain greater heights...

The soul which introduced me to this wonderful world of blogging!

The days she confided on me; when she found her first love and talked to me endlessly..the confidence while talking her heart out to my parents...

Showers of blessings, the day she got married...happy moments those bounced back whenever she came home or together on an exotic trip, the face that beams with her charming prince, TH..:)

The rare times we fought and competed, bitterness forgiven the next minute, pushing away the sisterly grudges..

The endless unconditional love which supports my children...

my baby, my sister, my diamond!!

Jayasri, at last you made my eyes brim...;)
and now I am supposed to post the recipes which I followed from hers, for the Bloggers Marathon event, right? 

Thella pulusu, the mildly spiced coconut curry, she craves..

Ghee fried bananas, the simple snack she loved as a kid and her all time favourite.

P.S - Sis, get ready to 'gift' me the new dslr  right back, from US.  *wicked laugh*


  1. That's a sweet post touching ...and tht ghee friend bananas looks sure she will be so happy to see this post ...gr8 entry

  2. Nags will be surely need a kerchief reading this one! Lovely to know such blogging sisters.

  3. That was one of the beautiful read I have seen of late. True emotions in words,superb, u touched my heart !!!!

  4. A beautiful and touching post B.
    You both are blessed to have each other as sisters.
    We are with three girls at home and i can really relate to this beautiful post.

  5. Very touching post Bharathy.... Beautiful one!
    Can't wait to see pics from the new dslr she is going to gift you :D :D

  6. after reading this I felt I wish I had a sis:) so lovely!
    the pulusu and banana is drool worth!

  7. You took me ages back's always a bliss to have younger ones growing with u...especially same gender younger and my lil sis share a huge age gap and so everyone says that i pamper her like kid still now.....:-)

    Awesome looking curry and fried banana's....

    Now i too join the march with u for DSLR...Ek DSLR toh banta hain....inta emotional post ke baad....

  8. What a lovely tribute..I am sure Nags is going to treat you big time!!

  9. Bharathy, I got goosebumps reading that! I so wish I too had a sis now:)

    PS: Hope you get that DSLR:)

  10. so touching...Love the dishes...Thanks for sharing...

  11. This is something i have always a missed, a big sister, who else will talk about you like that ! Nags sure is lucky and so are you. And now,i love bananas done that way.

  12. So sweettt :)) Lovely post :)

  13. Woww wat a touching post..lovely sisters..

    Btw both dishes looks absolutely fabulous..

  14. Bharathy - this is insanely sweet! Loved the ode and laughed out so hard when I saw the very last line! You go girl!

    I have to send this to my sister so she can come up with something like this for me!

  15. wow... what a lovely writeup of your feelings..... i am longing for a sister.....

  16. Beautiful! Sisters Rule! Love both the dishes.

  17. Only this moment after reading this post I wished I had a elder sis Bharathy :) Lovely post is what I must say :)

  18. awww now i wish i had a baby pic to share on this post, nothing is scanned though, dammit!

    thank you SO MUCH for this super sweet post sis. hugs!!

  19. Very wonderful and touching post bharathy.I am happy i am alos blessed with a sister like this.Recipes look great.Nice write up

  20. Wow.. such a touching and sweet post :) Loved going though it and really really wish I was your little sis too :P

  21. Really a touching eyes were full with tears till last paragraph....I'm blessed with a younger sis too. Truley if you have a sis then you don't need a true friend anymore. Thanks for making my day dear!!!

  22. Beautiful post dear, very emotional and nicely written :)

  23. Very sweet and touching post...

  24. What a beautifully written heart touching post !!!

  25. what a sweet post! It made me regret all over again that I do not have a sister :-(

  26. Very sweet and I am sure Nags will be beaming with joy! I know the feeling, have two younger sisters...makes me sort of an authority to vouch, doesn't it?
    And this is one of the recipes from your grand mother right?..must taste awesome!

  27. Such a sweet post it. Wish I have an elder sis now :) The post is very touching that I read 2 times. Lucky Nags ;)

  28. Very touching post really.. fantastic read it was.. last paragraph is so imotional.i cant stop my tears..
    Indian Recipe Book

  29. Had strong second thoughts as soon as I drafted this post.But now I feel happy that I posted :)

    Hugs to all my lovely friends who are here with so much of love and appreciations! :)

    I may not be able to blog hop to all your wonderful spaces as not doing much good healthwise.Apologies to one and all!

  30. Wow! That is a very sweet & a touching post!

  31. Was very touching bharathy! To value the relationships are decreasing now a days.At times when are you deprived,you can understand the pain :)

  32. bharathy Ur post really made my eyes water.
    seriously am not geting any words to express. because I too have a sweet sis like nags.

    though I use to view nags site regularly, I never knew that u both were sisters.
    love you both.
    wishing you love that last more than a lifetime.

  33. Luved the sweet post....both are blessed with each other....Awesome post Bharathy!!


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