Sunday, August 8, 2010

About Me and the Blog


A Warm Welcome to Spicy Chilly!

I am Bharathy, a simple housewife residing in Tamil Nadu, a state in South India, living with my husband and two children.I hail from Kerala, the neighbouring state, where my parents and majority of my relatives live and hate to miss any chance to visit them, any day of the year!
I love photography, travelling, painting and listening to melodies.

Spicy Chilly is a humble space of mine, a tiny star in the infinite ‘blogosphere’.
The blog is made to be predominantly vegetarian in respect to the core members of my family who are strict vegetarians. Therefore I restrain from cooking non vegetarian food.Yet you may find a few ones scattered here and there, which I basically taste, back home with my parents and heartily wish to make a note!

Most of the recipes are towards the spicier, 'hotter' side, an attempt to do some justice to my genes, which originates from Andhra, another South Indian state.
The recipes posted here are tried and tested by me; sourced out and thereby mastered from my mother and aunts (with the traditional touch of Kerala), mother-in-law and my husband’s grandmother (more of Tamil cuisine).

To sum up, my day to day cooking has a flavour of both the cuisines!

Well, I don’t claim to be an expert cook or particular with the measurements in the recipes!
After all, taste differs from person to person, family, culture, geographical diversities and so on.. Therefore always feel free to alter them to suit your personal likes and tastes!

 The Cameras  

started blogging with CanonPowershot A70 in 2007 which was replaced by CanonPowershot A550 from the post here followed by CanonPowershot SX120IS from here.

I eventually surrendered to my obsession about owning a DSLR in early 2011. Since over these years I got moulded as a staunch Canonite, I was soon a proud owner of Canon 550D (T2i) the latest mid range dslr of the series.
I love to use Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens for most of the photo shoots and Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens, occasionally. The first post from T2i is here and continues till date ...

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop a comment anywhere in the blog, the easiest way to catch me rather than via e-mail! :-)

Spam / unruly comments will go straight to the trash! :-)

~ Bharathy


  1. Nicely written post....Luved those red chillies standing on the menu :)

  2. I knew most of the things aobut you, but didn't know you like painting.

  3. Hai, I am a new blogger. I am from Madurai and love to cook vegetarian foods. I just stumbled upon your blog. You have a nice blog. Visit me when time permits. My blog url

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  5. Hi bharathy,
    I am a new blogger.I really loveee your blog a lotttttttttt.Your blog gives me a new inspiration.I like your writing style very much.Hats off to u.

  6. Glad to know about you bharathy, i like your write ups a lot with wonderful dishes. Keep it coming. Good luck dear.

  7. Hi Bharathy,

    How do you get that thin layer of Praline onto the Grass-halwa?? Do you pour the fresh Praline when its hot onto the chilled Halwa?? Please let me know!


  8. Hi Bharathy,
    Your blog is lovely. I am new to food blogging and have recently started a food blog. Please do have a look at it:

  9. Thank you so much Bharathy for dropping by my space! Your words are so encouraging!
    Thank you so much !!
    looking forward to more recipes and great photography from you!
    Dhvani from

  10. Hey , Bharathy ..the images from your DSLR Camera left me sighing..Canon truly is the best. I was recently gifted a SX150 Powershot Camera and I love it.. Although I too dream of owning and using a DSLR someday. Kudos on the superb gallery-worthy images!

  11. i am so glad i found ur wonderful space, i love ur stepwise pics and ur photographs are simply amazing :)

  12. Just found your site on and thought I'd stop by and check out your site. Looks great so I subscribed to your feed. Can't wait to see what the next post will be!

  13. hei bharathy first let me tell you ,you have an amazing blog of vegeterian dishes,when it comes to cooking for my family its always a confusion for me as to what to make cause my inlaws are strict vegeterians.I came across your blog searching for the recipe of KAYU MEZHUKUPURATI(well now u realise how desperate i am )...Today I am cooking Aviyal and kayu mezhukupurati for my Fil hubby and 3 yr old daughter and kayu mezhukupurati is my first try..fingers crossed i am going to follow your recipe.
    I am a new blogger with just few recipes in store which i had started to share my recipes for my close friends and family member who wanted to bake for their dear ones...Please visit me
    I would love to know how you click your picture cause they are terrific...Photography has always been my kinda hobby so if you could share some quickies with me .
    Way to go girl! awesome blog once again

  14. Hi Bharathy,

    Firstly you look so pretty and I love your header, Such a lovely and neat blog. And you are a great photographer, i do take inspirations from your blog.

    Cook like Priya

  15. Hi Bharathy... Lovely blog and more lovely are the pics... Loved your photography. Can you share some tips on how do u capture such beautiful pics...


  16. Hi Bharathy,

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    And oh by the way we’re giving out pots to those who sign up early and the list is quickly filling up, I really hope you can be a part of it. We need your help in bringing back to life this beautiful, healthy, extremely eco-friendly method of cooking, it goes so well with your theme of helping people eat healthy, so do consider joining us.

    Good luck with your blog.
    Miriam Kattumuri

  17. Hello Bharathy

    I've just come across your wonderful blog via google and wondered if you might be able to help me.

    I work for a rapidly expanding spice company ( in the uk as head of recipe development. We make spice kits and boxes that are delivered by post so that people can cook authentic curries (both Indian and from all over the world) at home with basic ingredients that you can find in a supermarket. We're potentially looking for contacts in India in the near future as consultants about Indian cooking.

    I'm flying into Cochin on the 18th Jan and then heading up through Karnataka and finally Goa (leaving on the 1st Feb) and am hoping to find out as much about the cooking and particularly the use of spices in these regions as possible!

    I know that you're not based in this region currently but wondered if you could provide me with information in any of the following:

    - cafes/restaurants to get authentic food from any of the regions

    - any contacts who might be willing to show me round markets/introduce me to foods of the region/talk me through me local cooking techniques

    - where best to go once I'm in a town or city to find people that might be willing to take me on a food tourand/or the best place to go for cooking schools

    Thank you very much in advance for your help.

    Kind regards

  18. Hi...just came across yr blog and am going to try your sothi recipe..hope it turns out u like taking pictures..i do some photography myself whenever weather permits..wish me luck as i try out the recipe ..will let u know how it turns out..and thanks ...cheers

  19. Hi Bharathy.... You have a great space. All this while I never knew you were Nags sister. I ll keep visiting you. Cheers and happy cooking


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