Sunday, April 11, 2010

Simple Lentil and Vegetable Soup

The Hot Summer days are back with the fierce merciless sun spitting out 'Fire!'
I dare to stay a longer time in the kitchen with elaborate meals and it's definitely not a good time to whip up soups.
Invariably my family prefers a comforting bowl of any vegetarian soup for dinner after a heavy Sunday lunch, irrespective of the season.

And now with my Blog which has just turned 3, I surprisingly realize I’d never posted a single ‘Soup recipe’ till date!!
So, here’s a 'Simple', 'Nourishing Bowl' of Soup with 'no butter', 'white sauce' or any 'thickening agent'.
This 'low calorie comfort soup' recipe serves 4 large bowls.

To Start -

Get ready with 1/3 cup of red or green lentils, rinse and soak in luke warm water for an hour or so and pressure cook till soft with water at least twice the depth of the lentils.

You need 2 cups of Vegetables in all.

Mince Finely, a few leaves of Spinach, a small piece of Cabbage, Carrot, 1 or 2 Beans, 1/4th of a Capsicum,a Cauli flowerette(Sorry! if there isn’t such a term in the English Dictionary :)) a button mushroom, half tomato(I avoided this), a few fresh coriander leaves, a small onion,a large clove of garlic and half a green chilly(optional).
Feel free to throw in a tbsp of fresh peas and corn kernels each….and yeah!..if you are lucky enough to find a cube of paneer smiling at you in the freezer, cut it into tiny bits(after immersing in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes) and let her join the above ;)

Transfer the above chopped veggies to the cooked gram. The water level should at least be an inch above them. Add enough salt and pressure cook till one whistle. Remove from fire and let the steam vent out by itself.
Open, check salt and serve hot with freshly crushed black pepper.

This is one of the most comforting and easiest soups which you can never stop with just one-soup-bowl-serving :).

Let the soup be watery. If you prefer Broth, simply strain, and Slurp on with pieces of bread or bun, dunked in.


  1. Looks very delicious :)

    A very different prep. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! full of nutrients packed healthy soup..beautiful pictures too..

  3. Luv the healthy clear soup....Bharathy finally pics loaded faster this time :)

  4. Love that soup,must be so filling! Looks gorgeous Bharathy :)

  5. Both the soup and the bread look delectable.

  6. What a bowl??? I am simply bowled over..... Love that steamy look it has.... And the presentation is so awesome & the captures inspiring... It brings out the best of the prep & makes it more tempting for all of us.... Loved it totally....


  7. Thats a nice and healthy soup Bharathy! Lovely clicks and great presentation as always:):)

  8. That's some soup...looks so perfect...nice clicks

  9. OMG the pics are beautiful. Very nice clicks bharathy. Tempting and very refreshing.

  10. really healthy soup.. vegetable and lentil combination is always good
    nice pic too..

  11. love this look awesome!

  12. hey bharathy,
    looks like a bowl of good health :)
    neat presentaion...shall keep this recipe handy, thanks

  13. Beautiful photos ! and the soup looks delicious


  14. Nutritious and healthy soup..Loved your simple and elegant presentation too..esp the Gladiolus :D

  15. love the soup and the presentation is 10 on 10!

  16. love the soup and the presentation is 10 on 10!

  17. Wow, splendid...I prefer soups during summer as well, its easy to fix, fulfilling and complete:) Loved your presentation so much...all the pictures are breathtaking.:)

  18. I am for soups anytime, I like those neatly sliced breads on the side.

  19. Thats one pot meal..looks awesome with superb pictures.. I can live whole life by having soup all the time.. this looks fantastic. Keep going/.

  20. Olá, amiga!
    Que saudades do seu cantinho!
    Receita deliciosa!
    Boa semana!
    Itabira - Brasil

  21. Soup looks very delicious and comforting :)

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