Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Papaya Milkshake

The temperature has been found soring even higher this week touching the absolute 40 deg C.

Breakfasts are more of toasts and fruits along with fresh, plain, chilled yogurt or mildly spiced buttermilk, fruit juices or preferably shakes. I still had the remaining half of a Ripe Papaya, the first half which I served with the toasts, yesterday.

Today when Pongal, Chutney and some Puligojju barged in as the breakfast menu the papayas went into the cold milk which came out pretty as Chilled Papaya Milk Shake.

I have never made this before and was so refreshing and filling (I skipped Pongal and the accompaniments) and absolutely comforting.In spite of being a Papaya Hater, I Loved this drink since it didn’t have that ‘strong flavour’ of the fruit; the part, a papaya hater really dislikes.

Here’s how I made the drink,

Boiled and Chilled, Fat free milk- 3 cups

Ripe papaya , cut into half inch cubes-a large cup(more or less)

Sugar- 7-8 tsps or as you prefer

Ice cubes- a few

Powder sugar. Pulse/whip the fruit along with it.Add the ice cubes and the chilled milk and pulse again until well blended.Pour into glasses and enjoy the fresh milk shake.

It is not advisable to store the ‘shake’ as you might be doing with the other fruit shakes as this one tends to get curdled soon, though edible. I presume it is due to the enzyme Papain, present in the fruit which does so while blended with milk.

This goes to Srivalli's Thanda Mela, the summer drinks event, celebrating 3 years of her successful blogging and to Indrani's Spotlight event of Summer Food and Drinks.

Just a few shots to see what sunlight can do to this Drink...

Something which really interested me with the drink was the change of colours I noticed while I placed the glass near the window, the usual spot.

It had more of a rich golden yellow-orange hue.


...while with the lesser light, the papaya shake looked naturally pretty with its mild pink colour.


When all the 3 colours of the drink; ‘golden yellow-orange-pink’, combined, were captured.

'Pretty' healthy drink...na?? ;)


  1. I have never had papaya shake, i love them to eat last time when i went to the shop i saw a teeny weeny almost ripe papaya but they were asking 7 € and that is a bit too much i think.
    Will have to drool here .

  2. My friend always insists me to try this out,I never tried still :P Sure i have a half of the fruit,will sure try out this pretty shake :)

  3. papaya shake,never had this delicious shake..looks so yummy .i am grt fan of milk shakes.loved ur papaya version..thanks for sharing
    its really good at this season..

  4. மிகவும் அருமையான ஜுஸ்....

  5. Dear Bharathy, Papaya shake is the one which I make often..I loved your pictures..they are really superb..

  6. Never thought of making a shake with papaya..loved all the colors, and it's amazing to see what sunlight can do :-)

  7. Papaya shake looks very delicious.I am sure to try this.

  8. I am not a papaya fan, but the color of that drink looks really tempting :)

  9. No doubts refreshing, but those pictures are getting me all Slurpee..... WOW!!!! Lovely captures.... U rock deary!!!!


  10. healthy drink and I can take it in all three colors :)


  11. very healthy and looks very yummy. love the nice color.

  12. Awesome shake and REALLY healthy!!!
    love the diff colours...
    Pls visit my website:

  13. Refreshing healthy drink, bharathy..and i just love papaya, I make papaya lassi sometime..delicious..would love to have it on my event, spotlight : summer food & drinks, ends 2nd may, link: http://indranid.blogspot.com/2010/04/announcing-another-spotlight-event.html

    If you wish send me to, riappyayan@gmail.com, not to the mail in the announcement

  14. Nice healthy milk shake
    Thx. for sharing

    Awesome clicks :-)

  15. exactly what we need during these scorching time ... the colors are so inviting!

  16. Interesting...papaya milkshake...shall try this soon..looks gud

  17. Bharathy, when I wrote about papaya milk on FB, I never knew that you had already posted it!

    milkshake looks tempting...! nice clicks!

  18. Interesting recipe.. looks soo tempting.. nice clicks dear!!

  19. Not a big fan of papaya but ur version looks creamy and thicker...I luv thick milkshakes...again some pics take time still downloading :(

  20. Really healthy drink.... I love pappaya.. Thanks for sharing this recipe...

  21. I am not a big fan of papaya...but your creamy milk shake look so yummy, I will definitely try this out when I get some papaya :)....super clicks dear!!!!

  22. what a beautiful photograph!, I fell in love with it.., papaya milk shake very delicious looking!!, Have I had it, I have completely forgotten, I usually used to have milkshakes in Banglore's juice centre's!! it's a long time now, I can't even remember, but I love papaya!!, I will try this for sure

  23. Love the play of colours in that drink.

  24. Hi stumbled upon your page while looking for Arusuvai friendship chain. though am new but I must congratulate you on creating such an innovative space...you have got lovely collection of recipes and gorgeous food photographs. love papaya but never tried this. looks lovely and creamy. very cooling for this weather.
    between would also like to know about the present status of Arusuvai chain. the idea is very fascinating and am very much interested in being a part of that lovely friendship.

  25. Bharathy,
    I believe that ‘thanks’ are ‘sorry’ are two words which should not be used in friendship so will not thank you for your warm n friendly comment and quick reply. Your comment only shows what a friendly person you are, I am glad that you liked my name and my pampered place.

    About Arusuvai, I followed Arusuvai for a long time and loved reading about the bonds that fellow bloggers made with each other even before I started blogging. I always wanted to be a part of this chain and that’s why scrapped you. If am not wrong the last chain was held during April 2009. Can we again start this in the form of event, where we would announce the start of Arusuvai and would ask interested bloggers to contact us? Am sure all of the bloggers in India will welcome this beautiful thought with open hands as this is a great opportunity to connect to each other with what we love most…cooking. If you want I can help you in this. Please let me know. Also please send me your e mail id. Mine is sayantani249@yahoo.co.in. Hope to hear from you soon.

  26. Hi bharathy...Thanks alot for stopping by my space...loved ur comment, so thought of coming back to say thank u....and again, regarding the background blurred thing.....I use an SLR camera and that does the trick dear....i dont do anything to blur the background...camera automatically does it when u focus on an object:)

  27. Perfect for summer! This one is so refreshing and so healthy! I really hope there are papayas in the market today.
    dining room tables

  28. Papaya shake looks very delicious and healthy!


  29. I really love papayas,but sometimes hard to find here in germany.Delicious looking recipe,thankyou for sharing it

  30. ♥ Olá, amiga!
    Passei para uma visitinha.
    Para você... com muito carinho ♥

    "Quem tem o abraço mais apertado...
    mais carinhoso...♥
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  31. woo such a healthy drink i have never tried...btw nice and well captured pic..

  32. Papaya milkshake is one of my fav drink. It's very refreshing and inviting... Beautiful click!!

  33. Am a papaya hater too..but the drink looks lovely and refreshing.

  34. temperature over 40??? try Denmark - 10 to 12 (if we re lucky) and constant rain :-( wanna switch?

  35. Thank you for the lovely entry


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