Monday, May 11, 2009

Godhambu Dosa / Wheat pan cakes with Red Chutney

When I woke up on Mother’s day, Anon’s words flushed in to my mind ,
"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made Mothers."
Still in my home town, I was glad that I could spend this Special day with her after a long time; hurried downstairs to hug and wish amma who was busy making the morning coffee, hugged me back with the same warmth, asking ,"Bharathy, what do you want for breakfast?"..
Hmm.. something simple..
Chappathis?Pooris?...Idiyappam??(all these obviously fall under her easy-to-make list!)
"What about Godhambu Dosa and Red Chammanthi ?"..I intruded..
"Yeah Sure!, but will you blog this?..for me??"
YAY!! Why not..??!!..
She deserved another TIGHT bear hug from me…

The batteries were pulled out from the charger, red lights still on, warning me "uncharged!". The camera was loaded and all set..

While amma was making the preparations I noted down the ingredients:

Whole wheat flour - 2 cups
Water – 4 to 5 cups
Salt- to taste

To temper:

Oil-2 tbsps (you may not need oil while cooking dosas)
Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Finely cut big onions-1/2 cup
Green Chillies- slit once lengthwise and across to four pcs- 2
Curry Leaves- a sprig

What she did:

1. First mixed the flour and salt in a large bowl.
2. Gradually she added water to make a thin batter taking care that no lumps are formed while doing so. I gave her a helping hand here.
3. The consistency of the batter was thinner than the normal dosa batter. We needed about 1 3/4-2 cups of water.
4. She heated oil in a pan, spluttered the mustard seeds, sautéed the onions, green chillies and the curry leaves and poured this over the batter while warm(not hot, straight from the fire) which I finished mixing by then.
5. She heated up the dosa griddle, greased with a few drops of oil and poured a ladleful of batter from the edges towards the centre to form a round shaped dosa.

6. She told me to trickle the edges with a few drops of oil 'only if necessary'.
The dosa lifted on its own well with the tempered oil in itself.

7. Allowed to cook for a couple of minutes on each side while turning over. The dosa was ready when browned and cooked on both sides.

8. While I took hold of the dosa making part, she proceeded with the red chutney, the divine combination for Godhambu Dosa

Red Coconut Chutney

We needed:

Red chillies-6
Coconut -2 cups
Garlic cloves-2
Tamarind- a tamarind seed sized
Salt-to taste
Water- as needed
Curry leaves- 6 nos

Grind all the above with enough water and salt to make the chutney.
Make sure that you pulse the chillies alone at first , grind all the rest except the curry leaves which are to be added lastly.
We settled down together and enjoyed our breakfast with the rest of the members of my family :)....
I am thinking of getting her some cute gift now.. :)!!..
Note-The perfect golden brown colour, I feel is due to the usage of whole wheat flour, freshly ground from the wheat, in a local mill.Therefore the colour and the texture of the dosa is highly dependant on the quality of the powder.


  1. Mix the wheat flour with water a day earlier, cook it after wards. The Dosa will be more tasty

  2. Thin and crispy dosas!!! You know my MIL always pour dosa batter like that from the edges towards the centre....ennuvare athupole cheyan enikku pattiyittilla :(

  3. I havent caught up courage to make Kothuma/Rava dosais, am not much confident on pouring the batter....But urs looks soo crispy and tempting that I asked my mother to change 2nites dinner from idly to kothuma dosai :)

  4. I always like godhuma dosa,my hubby dont;(
    But ur mom's dosa colour is awesome...
    I add little rice flour too and make :)
    So wat gift u got....:P

  5. This is awesome bharathi... It is identical to the way I make maida maavu dosai... I will try it with wheat also.. Thank you amma for the recipe!! :))

  6. Abhi, Welcome to my place, girl :)..
    the batter if fermented doesn't make good dosas,the batter curdles up once on the pan coz of the gluten formed, I believe.
    May be keeping aside for 20-30 minutes would be fine..:)

    Same with me too,Swapna, but with little practice you can def make it!..coz you are at least a 10 times better cook than me

    He he Sharmilee, that was so cute :)..I always fail with rava dosais and can make godumai dosais,the Tamil way with lots of rice flour added to it..:)..(I hate idlies esp at nights):)!..

    Raji,The colour is fine, because of two reasons
    1-Amma always buys whole wheat as such and powders in the local mill.
    2-She never adds rice flour as we do.
    The natural golden colour of the wheat and the fibre is well preserved and the dosas tasted heaven.
    My hubby loves very crispy godhumai dosas and I make the Tamil way, like you do.:)

    Mom Cook,Welcome girl!!..
    Whole wheat flour is always healthier and tastier than maida and this would be easier to make than the other too :)..I bet you love this :)

  7. Hi Bharathy,
    gald to know that u r enjoying with mom and getting pampered :) I love wheat dosas, I try and keep experimenting with the thickness and the ingredients. I loved the thin crispy version here, and the red chutney seems to compliment the dosa very well.Nice snap.
    Happy Mother's day!Enjoy

  8. Never seen such lacey Godumai dosais before. I like the way the batter goes from outside to the center, much like rava dosais. Cool job.

  9. Looks crispy .... just now i'd posted paper dosa..

  10. Must have been a perfect breakfast!

  11. Delicious and a crispy looking Dosa... and the chutney is irresistable!!!

  12. I doubt if I have seen a better looking Godhambu dosa ever!!Golden brown dosas look so so pretty drooling,and the chutney looks so tempting too,I think I know what to prepare for breakfast today;-)

  13. MOMMMY!! I want :( Waaaaaaah!!

  14. Wow.. dosa looks so crisp. I have never seen a better godhumbu dosa. i also add the same ingredients but my batter consistency is think. Next time, sure I am going to try this way, as i do for rava dosa.

  15. hai bharathiiiii..dosa looks amazing..i just loved the snap with chutney..awesome :)

  16. Dosa looks amazing..My mom makes this often..Love ur chutney too :)

  17. I luv idlis anytime except for mrg breakfast....but hubby just hates it and tries to escape from it everytime. Ur kothumai dosa from the reader made him escape yest also :)

  18. wow..they looks so amazing..I always thot Dosa mavu shud be kept in a warm place for a night to get fermented..cos I bought this dosa podi n try making instant dosa's..It dint taste good n dint have those air holes..This awed me..!!

  19. such a crispy dosa!!! and im a sucker for the red coconut chutney..havent made it in a while..thanks for reminding me about it :)

  20. nice pic and i make the tamil way with buttermilk also and when are you planning to get back Bharathy,I am jealous dear as I am very much tied up here

  21. heartful of thanks for such a lovely comment..i was on top of d world wen i got dat appreciation..thanks alot..n one more thin, ur blog , swapna's cusine and malabar spices was my motivation to start a blog before 2months..thanks once again :)

  22. Bharathy, first of all i love your blog and secondly i didn't know that you were Nags sis. I have bookmarked your blog and will visit this space regularly.

    Love the color of coconut chutney.

  23. Wow wheat dosa looks yum..i have never tried making dosas using wheat flour...the lacy design looks perfect...m drooling over the red chutney..will be making this soon...thanks for sharing :)

  24. I;m so going to try this! Bookmarked.

  25. Happy Mothers day (belated) to you, Bharathy.

  26. they look so soft and also crispy......yummm!!!

  27. Bharathy visit my blog for a surprise

  28. hi bharthy, This dosa looks so delicious & chutney too..., i have always mixed other ingredients with godhuma but never have done just this dosa, will have to try this..., the clicks are very good too...

  29. Hello :) first time here. Dosa and chammanthi look mouth watering!! Made by mom, can't get any better than that!

  30. Bharathy....made this dosa and came out really well..and you know my lil one liked it!!!!:):) Thanks a lot dear for posting this recipe....:)

  31. Hey Bharathy..tks for this simple, instant n yummmmmmy dosa recipe..tks to your mom too! Swpana endorsed this one to me! (:D TOI is not there to keep a track!But adding this to my reader!) I added 3 3/4 to 4 C of water to get the watery nature and a T of rava ..for my brand of atta. The kids absolutely loved it - mine are 3 n 4 yrs of age. 'Amma Kishpy Dossha'? went the li'l one n elder one went 'Aaaa' as in opening her mouth for next bite! :D What else cd I ask for other than this filling breakfast! (no knead chapatis!! :) ) Have took lot of space here, but THANKS for this lovelyyy DH too relished on it as much as I did!

  32. Bharathy..tried wheat dosa this way..really loved it..will be making it often from now..i've put a picture in my blog..

  33. Dosa looks crispy... Want to try and eat it... For north indian recipes check North Indian Recipes at

  34. Very good Post.


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