Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chocolate Cake in 5 minutes!..

Im not a Chocoholic, but I do crave for Chocolate Cakes.
May be because my mom bakes the best of chocolate cakes ever, since we were kids..
Whipping up the cake for myself(as here none relishes this, in my family) is something I refrain from doing..

But what if you can make them in a jiffy, in small portions, in a very comfortable way?
I found this in Arundathi’s place ; whom I have regarded as a practical baker ;) after her Beautiful Banana Bread in my place…and as she says about this one,“it definitely isn't something you want to serve for company. But, hey, its great for that chocolate fix”.

The original recipe is adapted from Daisy Dee, which turned out to be a 'Mega Hit' in hers.


4 tbsps All-Purpose Flour
4 tbsps Sugar
2 tbsps Cocoa
1 Egg
3 tbsps Milk
3 tbsps Oil
1 Mug

And now..

Mix flour, sugar and cocoa in a mug. Spoon in 1 egg. Add the milk and oil and mix well.
Microwave on high for 3 minutes. It begins to rise and then settle down in the mug.
Remove the cake from the mug onto a plate and enjoy!.

Note- I divided the batter into 2 ramekins and I needed not more than 2 minutes to get them cooked in 900W(micro full power, as in mine) and this method is more promising than using a Mug where the cake may not be cooked evenly, if careless..

As at least a few of you might have experienced; getting back to blogging after a while needs a lots of “pushing ourselves”…sometimes a fuel from a true friend getting you do so…
Swapna, this post is for you, for the high concern and energy level in you had made me do this :) !!..


  1. Long time no see! Hope you are doing well. Of course, you must be, I see Chocolate cake here! :D

    Looks great. I made MW brownies, they do work well in the MW! Enjoy! :)

  2. Hi.....nice to see you back and a real 5 min cake too and sure it is in my 'to try' list

  3. So you are back with this super express chocolate cake.
    I should give it a try as i am a die hard chocoholic.

  4. Wow!!! Finally you are back....I am very happy that you have started posting:) Hope to see your posts regularly....I am sure that you enjoyed eating the cake alone;)

  5. Thats a lovely cake... Can't believe making a cake in just 5 minutes.. Will definitely give a try!

  6. welcome back sis!! that's such a cool idea, i HAVE to try it this weekend :D

  7. Asha, I love brownies, though I don't make them as no one here is a fan..will def try yours :)

    Renuka..that reminds me!!..I have to ring you up right..(well, she is my neighbour now you see ;))

    HC, you would love this!.. :)(as long as you dont compare this with the moist flavouful authentic choc cakes :D)

    Yeah Swapna, I enjoyed eating this alone...and satisfied my craving, well enough too :)

    Do try and let me know Anu :)

    Thank you Medha for your dropping by :)..

    Do try and lemme know Sis...(pls dont compare this with the one Amma bakes..:D)

  8. Bharathy - so glad you liked it! Yup its perfect when you want just a little bit of chocolate cake in a hurry!! The ramekins are a great idea! - the "practical" baker! :-)

  9. Though we have to compromise on the texture a bit, it very well satisfies the craving for a cake, in no time.

    Good to see you back blogging.

  10. Wow thats prefect, my choice of cake:)

  11. hi..I guess this is my first time to comment here.You have a wonderful space here.
    I often get a craving for chocolate cake.I fix it with this MW choco cake here after..Hey check me out when you find time .

  12. Sounds like a cool and quick cake, perfect for a quick choco fix :-)

  13. This looks so good, I might make one right now!

  14. Wow! You've changed your template, it looks nice, esp the header. Just came back from where your sis stays, I tried a lot to contact her, we missed speaking to each other.

  15. Chocolate cake is my favorite cake.
    Your recipe is very simple.


  16. Arundathi - :D

    You are right! Jayasree.. :)

    Thank you, Priya

    Love your place too Madhu!.. :)

    Vanamala, Usha and Sara..Thank you Girls :)

    Who is here? Sra?? ;)..ah!..yeah that proves you were never here for the past 3 months ;)!..
    Hmm how come you couldn't contact her..??dint you have her number??
    Anyway hope you enjoyed ur trip :)

    Kadari..:)..very interesting name..
    Keep your recipes too :)

  17. hi, bharathy, I came into ur blog becuase of ur name, I have a childhood friend by name Bharathi not a 'thy', but then also i clicked on ur name & here I am...u have a lovely blog, this chocolate cake quite interesting I want to try this for my daughter as she is a chocoholic!!, I have just started baking!! wish me best of luck...

  18. HI Bharathi,

    Long time no read. microwaved choco cake, yums :_)

  19. Really quick one. See we both are back now. How to see more posts from you.

  20. Hey Sorry - over my very late feedback! Made this on 22nd itself, the day I read this! Tks for sharing..even met Swapna the next day n told her this was a treat! :D
    (LOL @ ur reply to Nags comment!:D )

  21. My favourite cake.Thanks for showing the recipe.

    Lingerie Alley

  22. Thanks for the recipe :) I really need this one..would give this a try for sure :)


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