Saturday, August 2, 2008

Plagiarism- Never Ends!!...

Though I had not been blogging for a while, I had been painfully knowing a lot about cyber stalking and plagiarism happening around my blogger pals.

Unfortunately and unexpectedly I found myself a victim of this act by a blogger here.

The plagiarised contents,


The original post of mine and the link.


The picture of Potato bondas which has been blatantly copied from my original post here.


The image of Mango Icecream copied from my original post, here!!!..

The same blog owner has lifted pictures from other blogs, adding his/her own version of recipes, side by side attempting to earn through Google AdSense!!..

I have already left comments in there to remove them, in the most polite way, though there is no response till now.

Sincere and heartfelt thanks to,
  • Karthik, for his timely assistance.

  • Mishmash, who brought this to my notice.
    Her pictures are also copied without permission by the same site; detailed post here!.


  1. Hi bharathy, this is very bad...after seeing yours this post I checked that copied photos in that blog. After that I was shocked, because he/she copied my photos too...really this is can see clear details in my blog. Thank you very much for your post, because thru that only I got information abt that cheater...

  2. Definitely very annoying. I have to think of doing something with my pictures ! They are not as cool as yours though.. so may be i can wait until i get better at those :)
    Anyway.. I have an award waiting for you on my blog. Do check it out. I hope it puts a smile on your face :)

  3. Wow, that's pretty obvious... Where do people find the nerve and why do they think nobody will find out... Good luck, hope they remove your pictures!

  4. hey Bharathy....that person copied your mango ice cream photo too...

  5. Yes, Jyothi!..Went through the plagiarised content of yours too,now!..

    Thanks a lot for passing me such an encouraging award,Pallavi..will surely take up!:)

    Meeso, thanks to you sweetie and welcome to my place!..really appreciate the way you cook Indian delicacies for your hubby :)..a spl pat on your back!

    Thankyou Swapna for the info..just now I found out the bondas too copied..have updated the post!..thanks again!

  6. Isn't it awful?
    Its terrible to find people having no self respect and doing such a lowly thing as passing off other peoples efforts as their own!

  7. Same with me..... i'm really busy with moving, new job and other stuff and someone simply copy pasted my recipes along with pictures and I left message but no one responded.... shame on them.. I have no energy n time as of now but will look into it soon.

    Hope u will get relif soon.


  8. Bharathy-

    that is too bad, hopefully, they apologize to you and refrain from doing this again.

  9. Such a menace.. Can't understand why people resort to such things. I just hope we can find better ways to curb this practice. Hope they will remove the pictures and content soon.

  10. Such a menace.. Can't understand why people resort to such things. I just hope we can find better ways to curb this practice. Hope they will remove the pictures and content soon.

  11. Why can't people take the efforts to make their own recipes and post their own pics !
    What a nerve !!!
    Bharathy I think you should attach a logo(not in a corner since that may be clipped) to every pic of yours..I too was not aware about the perils of posting pics..till I faced this problem..
    Now I copyright every pic of mine across the pic, so that it can't be used...
    Sam !

  12. i have somthing 4 u..collect it and enjoy

  13. How terrible to have to go through this, Bharathy. Plagiarism is a lowly act: I do hope you can resolve this soon.

  14. Thanks for your support, Aparna..

    Yes, Shiva,our contents are getting lifted may be cos we are not consistent bloggers..Hope you are settled by now and thanx a lot for your support..

    Hope so, Shreya :)..Thanx a real lot for your support, girl ..

    Yes, Sameera..its high time I should do that.Right from the start I believe I am lazy when it comes to copyrighting pics :(..still I am ..:(

    Suma, I was abt to award the same to you and here you are :) words to thank you sweetie..

    Yes, Vaishali..Thank you so much for your support dear girl :)

  15. Absolutely no respect for other people's creativity and efforts. This is appalling.


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