Sunday, August 24, 2008

Banana Bread with Walnuts

Whew..I made last..!!
..which I had always wanted to try, bookmarked, gone over and over, glancing at the recipe, sighing and postponing lazily…

This Beautiful Banana Bread, beautifully wrapped(at least a dozen of ‘em!) was brought over by the charming and creative girl, Arundathi for the “May 1st -Chennai Bloggers Meet.”

While driving back home,( still a little lost and mesmerised by the lovely thoughts of those moments we shared just then) I had to grab a piece from my daughter who unwrapped the beautiful pack, reaching for the bread inside and was already finishing off too quickly remarking,"Ma, this simply tastes divine, well, here’s your share and you ARE going to try this without ANY of your lame excuses, soon!."

So, after 3 long months I am finally up with the divine "Banana Bread with Walnuts!".. the lovely flavour lingering in the air, the second batch still getting baked in the oven..

Trying to recreate the original taste, no changes were made and Here is the link of the recipe, again!

Rushing this to MBP- Fruit Fare hosted by Aparna, for the month.

And to add, Aparna, yes for sure, you hold the complete credit for pushing me to venture this! :)..Thanx a bunch!..


  1. Banana bread is so good... Your's looks perfect :)

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  3. I'm happy to see you managed to make in time for MBP. Thanks, Bharathy.
    The bread looks very moist and "crumbly". Believe you when you say it tasted very good.

  4. looks so sure delicious as gave me the push now..been wanting to bake banana bread since such a long time!!!

  5. Looks divine for sure..Yes this is an easy one to make without kneading rising stuff..Nice n moist.

  6. Lovely, Bharathy! :) It looks perfect! Reminds me - I'd love to make some more soon! lol!

  7. banana bread! wow!!! i've got to try this too :)

  8. banana bread has came out too gud...lovly texture...loved the second pic the most.. :)

  9. Banana Bread looks awesome. I have been following your blog for quite a while now, the pictures and recipe measurement are you live in Trichy by any chance??

    - Karthika

  10. Your banana bread looks delicious!!!

  11. Looks perfect. I had to literally wrestle a little piece of Anu's bread out of my husband's and lil one's hands to see how it tasted.

  12. a small treat for u in my blog..collect it soon :)

  13. Bharathy-

    hope the Chennai meet was lots of fun..lovely banana bread..I make this often at home, add chocloate chips, cranberries etc.

  14. Thanks, Meeso :)

    Without your theme I wouldnt have come up with this lovely dish! :)thankyou, Aparna :)

    Divya, hope you went through the other versions as well :)

    Yes Dhivya, more like a cake! :)..wonder why it is named as a "bread"! ;)

    Arundathi, LOL :D

    Thank you sis!..

    Thanks Suma.:)

    Karthika!.. :) Thanks for the complimenat and welcome to my place!..
    For a few personal reasons I am forced to keep my locality a little private.Sorry! :)

    Thanks Swapna..and now kick yourselves and start posting in yours..will you?? ;)

    Jayashree..:)..Arundathi's recipe is perfect..why dont you too give it a shot?really worth it, I say!

    ...and Suma...again??? :D..Thanks dear! :)

    Mitr,I badly wanted to add chocolate chips , but needed to bring the real flavour of bananas, to start with.:)..

  15. hi bharathy, I am the new blogger just emerged while you were hibernating! remember the kumbillappam post? just discovered that you are nags sis! feeling wuite thrilled at the thought of both of you blogging, from different parts of the world! lovely banana bread!

  16. hey Bharathy...yes, finially I get over my holiday hangover and started posting!!!! there is a small gift for you too in my blog...please check it out.....

  17. Nice recipe, and great entry to the event.

  18. mmm...banana bread!! looks fantastic!!

  19. Bharathy, how are u?
    I tried your banana bread recipe and it came out really really good for a first timer.

  20. Yummy.. your banana bread looks so good.. i love banana bread.. its easy to make and 2 slices keep me full till afternoon

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