Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back, after the Summer Break!..

After being almost out of blogging for about 3 months, it required much effort, to shake away the so called 'laziness' and pull myself back in :)....I know I'd not been doing justice with my posts, but for sure had been doing my best, responding to each and every comment dropped any where here and to those ‘concerned’ mails I’d been receiving from my lovely friends..each of them making me feel proud and special; the way one would feel, when you induce someone with that feeling, that you're ‘missed’!!.. Thanks a ton, friends…

After the round up of Arusuvai, in the month of April, I'd been away to my native, for my sister’s wedding. Should admit the fact, that I enjoyed each and every moment, taking up the responsibilities, even though turning green every now and then when 'the bride at home' was found busy shooting around dishes and blogging in a cool and easy way..;)..but believe me, she proved to be smarter by treating the family, by cooking up all those wonderful dishes from the blogs which I had book marked and would have never tried otherwise!!!...:)

Month of May proved to be pretty eventful as we had the great “Chennai Bloggers Meet” on the very first day. Since I was the last one to turn up for the meet, I'm the last one spared to mention about it too ;)…I have an excuse for that too coz I was away holidaying with my family to Scotland till the month end..

June?..well, children back to school, weddings, lots of travelling, had been keeping me occupied….
Did all the above explain my reasons for not blogging so far, ?? :D..

I'm grateful to my wonderful pals for having considered me, even during my 'hibernation period', to gift me with these cute awards..

From the talented, smart n efficient blogger, Srivalli..

From the cute, loving n affectionate blogger, Nanditha..

From the sweet, affectionate n caring, Suma..

Hugs to you, girls!! :)..

So, where’s the recipe now???
Err.. hmm…may I postpone it to my next post, pls???
.. coz I’m still not away from a few important commitments that might slow down blogging for a while, again..


  1. Lovely to see you back. Was wondering where you were?
    Can see you had a lovely time. It'll take sometime to get back to routine.:)

  2. I was wondering when u were going to be back after you break.
    So you went to scotland for holidays. I have never been there.
    Now that you are comming back from your break, I am going to go for a break by the end of this week as we are going to India for 2 months :-)

  3. Welcome back. Now I will be gone on Summer break in 3 weeks!:D
    Take your time, blog when you can. I know it's hard to come back after so long!:))
    Enjoy all the awards.

  4. soo happy to c u bharathy..waiting for more delicious recipe from ur side..enjoy ur awards...hey and i have given u not only the rocking girl but also the nice matters award..have a look..

  5. Looking fwd to seeing your posts soon! :-) enjoy your time off!

  6. welcome back..well its time for me to take a break..made ur tomato chutney 3 times in the last 2 months..yummy.:)

  7. Welcome back Bharathy... Sister's wedding and an international holiday, are those any excuses for a blog break??????? :) :) Nice to have you back... :)

  8. hi bharathy,
    ncie to c u back.hope u had a great time in was ur scotland vacation.saw nags wed. snaps.adipoli pics.

  9. Welcome back..I know about all your excuses..better get back soon!

  10. Good to see you Bharathy! Seems you are still in your long holiday mood :) I saw the first pic and thought it?? Where is that taken? Anyway see you soon on blogosphere!!

  11. Welcome back I was waiting for u, of course to bother u.congrats for all the awards

  12. Welcome back, Congratulations on the awards!

  13. glad u r back bharathy.. wedding and then a!! waiting for ur yummy recipes :)

  14. So good to see you back, Bharathy! Glad to hear that you had a great break. Looking forward to more yummy recipes when you have time! :)

  15. NICE TO SEE u back!
    all those awards show how much u r missed... so when u have decided to be back i am set on a long break!

  16. Hi Bharathy,First time at ur blog .U have nice and lovely blog.....
    Welcome back, Congratulations on the awards!

  17. Welcome back Bharathy. Glad to know you had a fun eventful and fun vacation.


  18. r u really gonna come bk with a post or do ur disappearing act again? :) welcome bk girl:)

  19. nice to see u back bharathy!!waiting for your posts!!recipe posts,i mean;-)

  20. Nice to see u back Bharathy.Looking for ur wonderful recipes!!

  21. You vanished after that real long post on back soon with the lovely posts.....

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