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The Birth of Arusuvai - an inside story and the participants in India!...

Arusuvai, the friendship chain is known to most of us by now, spreading its wings reaching each and every eagerly waiting blogger with pleasant surprises and budding new friendships.

I would like to share a few facts about Arusuvai.

The Birth of the Chain

The Amish friendship chain started by Mandira of Ahaar was in its peak in the US in mid 2007.Unfortunately the bloggers residing outside the country could not be a part of this great chain.This made us think, why not we start a chain like this in India as well??..

The idea sparked in the month of Oct when Bhags sent a packet of yeast to Nags quite casually as a mark of friendship, where I noted Lakshmi’s comment mentioning her need to start a friendship chain.The very next moment I found out the mom n daughter’s profound interest to put a start of the same, in India. Mails sped to and fro. Lakshmi was up with the logo and Lathamma,who beautifully named the chain 'arusuvai', was all set to send her surprise packets to Renuka and me!. Soon the first packages were on its way in the very first week of Nov’07!..which reached us on the Diwali eve…

As anyone would have easily noticed, most of the active Indian food bloggers reside outside India.We hoped this chain would bring out the bloggers in India to identify one another and develop a network of friendship and fun.For this reason the chain was restricted to the mother land, initially.
To our surprise we met with many interested bloggers from different parts of India, eager to join with amazing co-operation!..

Co-ordination of Arusuvai

This had been the most important, difficult, time consuming yet interesting part of the whole episode.
Lakshmi and Lathamma were on a break. However, initially the chain went well with the predominant bloggers who knew one another. One more month to go and there was scarcity of recipients as many of the bloggers confronted with the same problem- who to send next??..

Srivalli, held out both her arms now and needless to mention, she did an amazing job of searching and fishing out interested bloggers, co-ordinating the donors on one side and the recipients on the other.This was indeed the most hectic job which both of us did willingly and sincerely to our extend.We merged perfectly, every where!.

Five months have passed since the start and Srivalli and myself have exchanged at least 500 mails pertaining Arusuvai co-ordination!!(no exaggeration here:))

We feel proud to have identified about 50 food bloggers residing in different parts of Hindustan and successfully bringing them together with the help of Arusuvai.

The Arusuvai Participants in India

By stating so I really do not mean to segregate the bloggers residing in India and abroad.The truth is that I was unable to keep a track of the donors and the recipients in the US, as you girls proved to be ‘ultra fast’ and ‘extra smart’ :D.

The Arusuvai Team is grateful to all the participants contributing their parts, supporting the chain in India and abroad.Your deep interest and gorgeous support are undoubtedly the simple reasons of this great success..making each link of the chain, strong and rigid!!

Below is the list of participants in India..

Lathamma- Renuka & Bharathy

Renuka - Srivalli & Arundati Rao

Bharathy - Lissie & Lakshmi

Srivalli - Anita & Kamini

Lissie- Rachel & Lathamma(back)

Lakshmi - Raaga & Nags

Nags - Bhags

Raaga - Nanditha Iyer

Rachel- Shella

Bhags - Kajal & Sukanya

Anita- Reeta & Deepshika

Shella- Priyadarshini & Aparna

Kamini- Nirmala & Perspective

Kajal- Priya Mahesh

Nirmala - Jayashree M

Arundati Rao - Deeba & Gaurav

Deeba - Miri

Aparna-Bindiya Singh

Deepshika-Gayathri H & Nanditha

Sukanya -SMN

SMN - Manidipa

Gaurav - Jayasree

Jayashree - Kamalika

Jayasree- Sunshinemom

Miri - Ramki (transit)

Perspective- Simran(transit)

Kamalika - DG(transit)

Priya Mahesh-Archana(transit)

Archana- Swati(plan)

Ramki- Divya(plan)

Sunshinemom - Arundathi (plan)

While all of the 'women' came out with one great post each, this wonderful ‘Man’ rocked with three!!!

Click here, here and here for his 3 different creations with the same ingredient.

Three cheers to you Gaurav!..:)

And now, pls check here for Srivalli's version of round up! :)..

No words to thank Latha of Masala Magic for having initiated arusuvai in US…we are again much amazed to see how fast it keeps spreading there!!..

* A few bloggers are yet to come up with their arusuvai posts. I have linked their corresponding blogs instead.

A Year of Blogging and a Summer Break

By the way, it has been a year since I started blogging, today marking the first birthday.
Have not hosted any event so far.Not a hit of lakh , not even 100 posts!..
…Still I feel extremely happy, contended and proud to be in the team, initiating and co-ordinating Arusuvai!!..

Let me extend my very sincere gratitude to each n every visitor in this place and also to my dear readers dropping by with so much of encouraging words filling the comment boxes, backing me throughout, without which my days would never be complete...

Thank you ALL :)

And to quote last,

I will be on a summer break for a couple of months.
Miss you all !!

Happy Blogging!!

Bharathy :)


  1. posted it so fast...thats a neat one...

    btw you don't need 1lac hits nor 100 posts or anything to make yourself are already one...your writing and cooking added on with fab pictures carry them far!...congrats on being so..

    will be missing you..but you need your enjoy and come back with loads of them!

  2. three cheers for Bharathy!
    Congrats:) Happy Birthday!

  3. I go with srivalli,an excellent post and a good list to include in my blog roll.CONGRATS and I should thank u for inspiring me to continue with blogging.Happy hols and have fun will miss u too...

  4. Thats truly an amazing compilation of Arusuvai participants Bharthy..and Congratulations on completing one year.. may u celebrate many more ..

    Have a fun break.. will miss u for sure!


  5. I saw the same kinda post on srivalli's and mistaken by you . Kudos to both of you for making this chain alive with your hard work and tracking :)

  6. why worry abt lakh and posts. u did a wonderful job in iniating arusuvai.great going and here's to another hectic year in ur blog.

  7. Awesome job! Here in US it is spreading like wildfire The Arusuvai.
    I prefer Quality of ur posts. U have done a great job, Congrats and have a great blog, have a wonderful break :)

  8. Wow! I had not realized how much work went into this! I just received a surprise ingredient (2 actually) myself as part of this. Thank you all for a fantastic idea and bringing this to us.

  9. Great...Congrats for ur one year....Have a nice summer hols...:)

  10. Thank you so much for initiating arusuvai, Bharathy!! We wouldn't be having so much fun here if it weren't for people like you. Hearty congrats on your first birthday and have a wonderful holiday, dear! :)

  11. Sri was v right when she said u dont need to have 100+ posts to be popular....usually what you write and how u write makes a hell lot of difference..

    I always have appreciated those who have a big family ( for this logic big = more than 2 members!:)) to take care of , some even a full time career but take time to blog! Thats amazing! So hats off to you for taking some time for all of us with ur own responsibilities.

    Congrats on the milestone..and I *think* I know what ur break is all about ;-) - U have an a/c in Facebook by the way? lemme know....Have a great time and njoy :)

  12. Kudos to you and srivalli.Great effort Bharathy!!!!

  13. Thanks a ton for the wonderful comments Bharathy ...the 3 posts were my way of apologizing in sending the ingredient to Jayasree later than the committed time :)
    Arusuvai has been a great concept,as a result of which, I know some fab bloggers.

  14. Excellent Bharathy! Hats off to you guys. I am still to check out all the entries but i will surely do so in detail. They are too tempting!
    You're link to my post and blog seem to work fine for me, it to me back to my post on Arusuvai just fine. I did also see your incoming link on my dashboard! You must have figured it out :-) Thanks for your lovely comment.

  15. Happy bloggiversary Bharathy.....and good work with this comprehensive list on the arusuvai participants...

  16. Bharathy this is indeed a lot of work you have put for this post.
    Have a wonderful break.
    Hope you daughters exams went well too.

  17. wow that is a well-composed post...crisp and clear :)

    Have a good break.

  18. ENTEAMOO...........
    Bharathyji! as usual you have done yet another awesome post!congrats on this anniversary post.. like all said you are much loved in this blogsphere...!
    I am going to miss you for sure..
    take care and have a wonderful summer break...I know you are going to be pampered at your mom's place....enjoy! and be back charged with more wonderful posts!

  19. Valli! There you are! With all your encouragements!..
    You made me erase some of the sweetness pertaining you that was included in my post, and now what have you done to me in your post?sweet of you but isn't it extra sweet ;)..
    Hugs to you buddy!:)

    Swati, you are sweet! Thanks for your wishes!:)

    Renuka, hugs!will miss you for sure!:)

    Miss you too, Siri..Thankyou for your loving wishes :)

    Pooja,Thankyou dear..we really enjoyed whatever we did :)

    And here is my sweet mallugirl whose blog had been my first referred one by my sis!..
    You were/are my inspiration to blog..
    The first to comment in my first post :)...

    Cham!that was quite a sweet push from your side..Thanks and Hugs! :)

    Vani, looking forward to seeing your double dhamaka posts :)..
    Hope you could identify the ingredient.Enjoy the fun! :).

    Wow!!Karthik!!! thanks for your wishes!!:)

    Kalai, it was too sweet!and what you have mentioned here is mutual, ok??..
    Nice to have you as a blogger buddy!

    DK, I had been in my in laws place too for a while hopping in and out of my house of 4 members..meaning handling even more members!:)
    Geeeeee :).. I am not a career woman though!
    Thanks for that 'from the heart' comment, sweetie!
    ah..err do you know?..can I have your guess down here? pls ?:)

  20. Kamala, thankyou so much!:)

    Gaurav, we are really lucky to have a very spl person like you involved in the chain.
    You proved to be the real extra enthusiastic blogger!!Thanks a million!:)

    No words to thankyou Latha :)..
    I have to recheck your link, :)

    Thankyou Jayashree!..Happy summer hols!:)

    Happy cook!!
    yes! she is doing pretty well and happy so far..fingers crossed till the results are out :)..nice of you to enquire..
    Happy days to you too :)

    Rachel,thankyou dear!:)..will miss you!

    Nandu..looking forward to no pampers this time..
    I am charged with responsibilities!and will be driven left and right by them this time, I suppose...yikes!!! :D

  21. u have achived a lot in this past one year bharathy... congrats on completing one year of wonderful blogging and wishing u many more years of happy blogging sweetie:) have wonderful time with ur loved ones and come back soon for us:)

  22. am so excited to be part of this chain... and can't wait to receive my surprise! :)
    Have a great vacation! And Happy Birthday!

  23. Bharathy-

    Congrats on the blog first anniversary and on Arusuvai, as well.

    Have a great summer break!

  24. Congrats on your 1st blog anniversary!! :)) Thoough lax and I are very busy right now, Cooking is our first passion and we do miss blogging a lot!
    I was just feeling bad that I could'nt get to know all the arusuvai bloggers and as if by telepathy you have posted the entire list!! Thanks to you dear! This kind of thoughtful jester makes you special and not the no of hits!! Love you!!

  25. Congrats on ur blog anniversary..Enjoy ur vacation.

  26. Bharathy iam so ignorant... and i feel so bad about it... iam in food blogging from the past 10 months... and i didnt know a hint about the "arusuvai" rocking the food blogging world until Kamala asked me if she cud pass me the secret ingredient... i have heard that something like this is on... but wasnt sure what it is.. but i delightedly agreed.

    Then i searched for Arusuvai and stumbled up on ur blog as well lakshmi's yum blog......

    Wow u guys just amaze me.... its just a beautiful thing to do... The name arusuvai itself is so beautiful.. lovely efoort by u guys to keep it running.... so proud of u and srivalli...

    Never mind even if iam late but iam happy thats now i know about arusuvai... how it originated and the efforts u guys have put towards it.... nice going.... and congrats for the 1 year completion of ur lovely blog....

    God bless

  27. Hi Bharathy, thanks for visiting me! I bought a similar thokku from Grand sweets in Chennai. Haven't had the guts to try pickles and thokku yet! Does it take long to make? Yours looks yummy - right for thokku chaadam and chips to go with it!!

  28. summer break..what is that? there is no such thing for bloggers.:) have fun..i am just kidding.

  29. Bharathy

    Prema and Shankari told me about the tamilnation copy of our tamil cuisine index. Thanks for letting us know. I sent them an email - Will wait for their response


  30. hello bharathy..when are you getting back...I think you took long enough..drop in my blog for something I have for you!

    not sure if my msg got here it is again...:)

  31. Congrats! Enjoy your break and see you soon!:)

  32. bharathy u blog hop and dont visit mine :) missed u buddy .. still waiting for my ingredient... its jinxed.. archanas keeping busy offlate...

  33. :) thats so sweet of u bharathy... vacation in ... huh... coool ... hope u have a blast.. have a gr8 time...

  34. Hi Bharathy ,

    Ive tagged you please check my blog for the Meme..


  35. Nice blog Bharathy....n yummy recipes too. Being new to the world of food blogging, peeking into blogs like urs is very encouraging....keep up the good work.

  36. hai bharathy..where r u?.....u know i have started my blog and a surprise waiting for u on my blog...plzz check it out...

  37. Me too sooooooooooo happy to c ur message....enjoy ur trip and waiting specially for ur comments and suggestion because it means a looot to me. come soon ...hugs to u tooo

  38. missing you a lot dear! hope you are having a great vacation .....

  39. bharathy! an award awaiting you at my blogspot..
    hey ! hope you are doing ok!
    take care *hugs*


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