Saturday, September 30, 2017

Spicy Chilly Turns 10

My blog child turns 10 today. The child, I had pampered, loved, cared for, fed, nurtured, played with, helped to grow healthy, taken for granted and even ignored at times; make me a proud creator!

A huge thanks to my readers, blogger buddies; a few of them turned out to be more than my family, friends, well wishers, followers and everyone who was right there with a good heart and a great  propel!

I am a big fan of  Bharathy! Simple, accurate recipes, all of the dishes have come out well for me, Do say a big Thanks to her from me, God bless  her! Good to see her!
Hugs to you, Prita 😊 for this love letter 💌 This is what makes a blogger's day!

Thanks to Olympia and Nahla of 'The Hindu', for fishing me out from the ocean and putting on the light and Nuvena of  TOI for doing the same 😊

Hoping for the continued support,

Bharathy 😊

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