Monday, February 11, 2013

Chilly Onion Chutney

I was over excited to receive a few sachets of my much awaited Mauripan yeast from this lovely girl, past week. My son, ( yes, we are staying together until  his annual exams get over next month) had been pulling my leg, seeing my happy feet dance and smiling face. "Amma, I see you smiling wide like never before ever since you received the yeast packets".

The yeast works like charm and for the past 3-4 days, we both had been having an overdose of home-made pizzas and donuts. On top of that, we hopped around the bakeries of this pretty little town called Namakkal. We digged our teeth into the hot greasy vegetable puffs, over flavoured tea cakes, sticky buns, weird shaped hard cookies and all sorts of local stuff until I started getting warnings not to over feed baked products for a student who is preparing for his board exams!

Soon we found ourselves craving for something hot and fiery. A spicy vegetable biriyani? na! A spicy northy dish? hmm na! We came to a combined conclusion. A nice hot accompaniment! With no coconut. Less ingredients. Which doesn't take long to whip.That goes well with idly, the ultimate comfort food!

The answer lied here. The 3 ingredient Chilly Onion Chutney! A perfect combination of crushed green chillies and onions blended to form a fiery dip!

Chilly Onion Chutney
Adapted from Rak's Kitchen
Time needed 15 minutes
Serves 2-3

You Need:

8 green chillies (long slender variety)
15 shallots
Salt- to taste
Raw gingelly /sesame seed oil ( to drizzle over the chutney)


I am not an expert or rather lazy while it comes to handling ammikkallu, but after my previous post I was prompted to use it :) The original recipe calls for it and crushing the 2 ingredients is no big deal, were my thoughts.


Wash and pat dry the ammikkallu with a clean kitchen towel.

Wash & remove the stalks of the green chillies. Crush them. Place the peeled shallots and salt. Crush them too. Combine both while you crush and roll the stone. Do not add even a drop of water while you do this.

If you prefer to make the chutney in your electric blender / mixer, it's easier, refer the original recipe. Raks has the step by step.

Yes, this green chilli dip is close to Keralite's favourite Mulaku Chammanthi drizzled or even drenched in raw coconut oil had with Kappa Puzhungiyathu (boiled tapioca). The main difference lies in the variety of chilly used. Kanthari :) or the bird's e ye chillies, which are supposed to be one of the most fiery varieties!

And for the Kerala bones in me, I ultimately loved the combined flavour of raw coconut oil drizzled generously over a portion of the chutney :)

Note : The amount of salt mixed in and the oil you use to drizzle over the chutney  are important as they are the ones which balance the heat of the dip! So make sure you use them both in adequate amounts. Also,  make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after preparing and consuming the chutney.

The post is specially created for the event, "Tried and Tasted from Rak's Kitchen" happening at Nivedhanam.


  1. bharathy :) amila araichadu taste illama irukuma? adding gingelly oil on the top ! i am coming to your home right now !

  2. To a Maharashtrian that would be a thecha, didn't know there was a South Indian version too. Thanks Bharathi for sharing, such similarities run in our food across the country yet different.

  3. amilla araithu entha samayalum super thaan.. karasaramaga super ra iruku..

  4. fiery dip very easy too got my vote:-)yes bookmarked

  5. I am here with a crispy plate of pakora and this chutney is looking made for each other...

  6. Lip smacking..Spicy & hot & sure to get your taste buds to do a happy dance.. :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  7. wow superb chutney n that grind with ammikkal... it give unique taste to the recipe... n even my today's post i used aatukkal...

  8. i prepare the same with dry red chillies...using green chillies are something new - i love this with dosha. lavish coconut oil on this would just be heavenly.

  9. Fantastic clicks, Bharathy and lovely presentation. I learnt to do this chutney from my MIL who is from Trinidad and they make it the same way except add tamarind pods (minus the seeds of course) and use rock salt (kal uppu). Just looking at your pics made my mouth water and I am frantically searching for my mortar & pestle to make this before dinner time :)

  10. Wow that is so lip smacking and tongue tickling... love the use of ammi!!! Thanks for sending this yummy ginger recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...
    Ongoing Event - Tried and Tasted - Raks Kitchen
    Ongoing Event - Dish it out - Lentils & Garlic
    Ongoing Event - Know Your Dairy - Cheese

  11. Wow..Bharthy..hats off to you dear for your traditional receipe in traditional way...

    Hmm i loved that colour...fresh look...

    We miss those traditional ways alot in our generation....

    Thanks for sharing this receipe..


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