Monday, November 12, 2012

Diwali Greetings and a few easy to make recipes

Finally, the festival is almost here!
The festival of victory of good over evil, the festival of happiness, cheer, sharing and love!

Here are a few easy to make Diwali recipes, posted earlier, which you may find interesting.

                                                   Godhumai Jira / Instant Wheat flour Halwa 

                                                                          Kaju Katli

                                                                      Godhumai Appam


                                                             Vellai Vadai/ Jaggery Donuts

                                                                   Fried Modakams

                                                      Pasi paruppu Urundai / Moong dal Ladoos


                                                                Almond and Carrot Kheer



                               Wishing you all a fun filled and safe Diwali!

Lots of love,
Bharathy :)


  1. Happy diwali to you too... and those sweets are making me drool... :)

  2. Happy Diwali to you and love all your sweet recipes and my favorite would be the wheat halwa, ras malai and moong dal ladoo :) well of coarse i am have the others :D

  3. hey Bharathy while i m not yet out of that pasiparuppu urundai enticed episode, here you are again with this yummy looking list...

  4. Happy Diwali to You :)
    First Time to your space.. You have a beautiful blog with a lot of variety in recipes.. Happy to follow you :)

  5. Yummilicious! I managed to make badam halwa & thenkuzhal! Halwa was not my best but we still licked it up...
    I love all your sweets and the pictures are drool worthy!
    Hope the kids are all under one roof... Have fun and happy deepavali!

  6. Happy Deepavali to you too! Delicious round up :)

  7. Wow so many delicious sweets...Happy Diwali

  8. Great collection of delicacies Bharathy Chechi.
    Happy Diwali wishes to you and family!!

  9. Wishing you a very Happy Diwali too!

  10. Hi I head one of the best detective agencies in Mumbai and I must say that this assorted collection of photographs is indeed a treat for sore eyes!

  11. I know its a bit too late for diwali wishes.. hope you had a blast.. its been a while since i blogged about food.. all those sweets are too good.. sugiyam or suyiyam as we call it at home, disappeared quickly.. BTW how do you maintain your silverware Bharathi?? .. mine dont give up those tarnish traits easily..

  12. Such exciting sweets! Oh...I feel dizzy and my resolution to reduce sugar intake is already weakening.

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