Monday, February 20, 2012

Pachai Puli Sadam / Raw Tamarind Rice

I am not quite sure whether such a recipe for tamarind rice or 'puli sadam' exists traditionally in the state, but this had been one of the regular dishes ever since I got married, which I learnt from my in-laws.

So, what is this Raw or Pachai Puli Sadam  all about?

Unlike the regular Tamarind Rice where you prepare the tangy sauce and  spice powder, this calls for the simple tamarind extract and some extra amount of left over rice (particularly if you had skipped the day's lunch!) as for the main ingredients.

It's easy to make and a satisfying meal that doesn't demand for any accompaniments, the ingredients always ready in a South Indian kitchen and more satisfying as you had found a good way to get rid of the previous day's left over rice!

Pachai Pulisadam / Raw Tamarind Rice
To serve 2

You need:

To marinate,

Freshly cooked rice or left over rice - 4 cups
Tamarind-  a medium lime sized- extract thick pulp
Sesame seed oil/ Nallennai- 1/4 cup
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Salt- as needed

To season,

 Sesame seed oil/ Nallennai- 2 tbsps
 Mustard seeds- 1/2 tsp
 Urad dal- 1 tsp
 Hing/ perungaya podi- 3 fat pinches
 Dried red chillies- 7-8 nos, broken into 3-4 pcs each
 Curry leaves- 2 sprigs

 Shallots/ chinna vengayam - 12-15 nos, cut into 4 pcs each


Mix 4 cups of rice with thick tamarind extract, 1/4 cup of sesame seed oil, salt and turmeric powder, if possible with your clean dry fingers. Lightly press/pack the rice. Close it with a lid and let it stand for at least 6-8 hours.

After 4-6-8 hours,

  Heat 1/4 cup of sesame seed oil in a wok, splutter the mustard seeds, brown the urad dal, throw in the curry leaves and broken chillies. Stir in the shallot pieces (it shouldn't get sauteed but retain the rawness and cruchiness) immediately followed by the rice. Mix gently on fire until pulisadam gets heated up and the oil coats over the grains.

Remove from fire and serve hot with vadagam / paruppu thuvaiyal / curd.


I marinate the rice overnight and use it for brunch the following day. So, I let it stand for 10-12 hours.
The marinated rice keeps well for few more hours under refrigeration.
Always use shallots / chinna vengayam cut into chunks. If you do not prefer the raw crunchy taste and texture, feel free to saute a bit in oil before you add the red chilles. See to it you do not over do that.
Pachai pulisadam serves well as a packed lunch too :)


  1. It is there ;)I have the recipe in the blog...and even we have it mostly for brunch.. I always thought it is a recipe that is prepared in Kongunaadu ;)- we call it puliyanchaadam...

    1. Loved the addition of kadalai paruppu and cilantro in your version Ramya! Happy to know that such a recipe of mine exists! ;)

  2. My Mom prepares this often when we were this rice with spicy potato fry ..Yumm

  3. I love tamarind rice anytime !! this looks so inviting and delicious !!

    Ongoing event CC-Dish For Loved Ones

  4. One of my favorite rice dishes. This is exactly what I make when I want tamarind rice since never have the paste ready!

  5. This is new! I have only known the pulikachal way of making it. A few questions - does this not taste raw? Can I use tamarind paste? Should we leave for the 6- 8 hour period in a fridge? Also is 1/4 cup absolutely needed?

    Sorry, too many questions from the pulipu priaye :)

    1. Have cleared your doubts in your place Archana!
      Now, you need to try this and let me know :) no escape ;)

  6. Any way to use up leftover rice is welcome!I posted a tamarind based curry too:)

  7. Looks so mouthwatering. My all time fav. Yum!!

  8. Looks so flavorful...tangy and yummy tamarind rice, slurppp

  9. Sounds yummy. Need not boil the tamarind for hours together, and can be made in a jiffy.

    Good idea.


  10. Absolutely mouth watering.. the rice and the appalam looks super delicious. I really really wish we were neighbours :)

    1. Me too Meera! for that "intellectual" companionship from you!!

  11. i too always do this. yum. happy to follow you

  12. Soaking rice in tamarind juice for so many hours is something I haven't heard of so far. Your clicks are very tempting.


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