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Parotta (step by step recipe)

Remember the Veechu Parotta post a few months back? These parottas also were made the same day and time intended for a separate post.

  Now, let's see what wiki has to say about this one.

A Parotta or Barotta, is a common layered flat bread of Southern India. This is not to be confused with the North Indian Paratha. Parottas are usually available in restaurants and road side shops across Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and and the Middle East (introduced by the South Indians. It is also served in marriage and religious festival and feasts. It is prepared with Maida and Oil/Ghee by beating the mixture into thin layers and later forming a round bread with the thin layers.
Usually, parottas are relished with vegetable kuruma and Onion Rings (in case of Veg restaurants) and chicken, mutton or beef saalna (a spicy sauce in non-vegetarian restaurants).

Coming back, the ingredients of  Surul / Spiral Parotta or the Parotta here and Veechu Parotta are the same; flour, oil water and salt and so as the kneading and standing part. The difference calls in the folding after the throw.


Yields 15
Serves 4-5

You need:

Maida / All purpose flour- 1/2 kg
Milk ( I use it instead of water)- 2 cups, more or less coz it depends on the quality of the maida
oil- 2 tsps, while kneading the flour
salt- 1 tsp
Oil- 1/4 cup for smearing the balls and drizzling while cooking (you may not use up fully)

Step by step method:

Sift maida to ensure there aren't any impurities (esp if you reside in India :))

Knead maida using milk/water, salt and oil (2 tsps)

 to a soft dough.

Let it stand for at least 2 hours. I made it rest for 5 full hours which gave the best results!

After 5 hours, take it out and knead on a smooth, clean oiled surface.

Pinch out into equal sized balls with your fist.Oil smeared fist makes the job easier.

Well, now you can see the 15 balls, which I could successfully 'fist' out ;). Smear oil over them.

Roll out each into thick pooris smearing oil liberally. Stack them as you see..

Roll out pooris as thin as you can. It's definitely not easy coz the dough springs back in.

 Now comes the 'most difficult part. Throw over the counter to spread out as you see, ( ahh.. I'm losing words of explanation here cos I failed to do it ;))

once or twice to get thin sheet. Hold on to one side of the sheet with your right hand and lift up from the counter or gather one end of the sheet. You may see the dough dangling like a kerchief. You dont have to pleat.

Just roll around starting from one end finishing tucking the other end on the oil smeared  counter.

Repeat the process.

The air gets trapped in while you do this proving the perfect elasticity of the dough.

Spread gently using the oil smeared rolling pin.

You can also use your fingers to spread them out. Transfer on to the hot tawa as soon as  you spread them. Drizzle oil and cook for a few seconds.

Flip over and cook the other side.

Be careful with the flame. It can be kept to medium. Do not turn them over and over as harder parottas would result.

Return the cooked ones to the counter and stacking (2-3 at a  time),  press with your palms quickly and continuously from  both the opposite sides, inwards, for about 5-6 times.
Just like you clap hands but having the hot parathas on the counter, flat, in between. :)

You can see the layers separating, which makes the Parottas unique from the other Indian flat tawa breads!

  I served them hot with Vegetable Khurma.


  1. Awesome post Bharathy! When i used to live in Mangalore, I used to frequently have Kerala Parota with chicken curry - i can still remember the taste today..what an awesome taste Parota tends to impart to the entire meal - irrespective of what you eat it with! Thanks so much for the detailed pics..hope to attempt it soon!

  2. I remember drooling in that post and wishing i could make parothas like that and I wish now i had this too.

  3. Porottas are one thing I felt comes out great only at street side stalls.You have proved me wrong--looks so good Bharathy,kudos to you!!

    btw,who cleaned the countertop afterwards;);)

  4. Delicious parotta :) I loveeeee it :)

  5. Superb! My favorite with cauliflower spicy curry.

  6. Superb, flaky & perfect parathas!!! so well explained too Bharathy!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  7. i love porottas! yummy! though Ive had terrible experiences trying them out at home... and then some people suggested tht i use an egg as well.. u r tempting me to try it again :) btw, how did u manage to click the pics when rolling out the porottas with oil? it would

  8. Oh my God Bharathy..Such a lovely post with such detailed description done so painstakingly..Even if I ever had the guts to make this, I would just managed to make it and be off..So much honesty in this.. Great stuff :)

  9. Soft and flaky parathas, your preparation looks really good.

  10. Lovely parotas.. I too have posted the same this time. But I never had that skill of rotating it in the air :)

  11. Oh my! Mouthwatering parotta. Looks so flaky and yummy!

  12. No mean task! How did you do the 'veechu' without it falling elsewhere! Never tried anything close. So flaky :)

  13. Superb.Being a great lover of parotas i am sooo tempting to eat ur yummy,mouthwatering parotas.

  14. Adipoli Parotta post Bharathy!!!!

  15. Yummy and perfect parotta and well explained too. Super clicks!!

  16. This post made me nostalgic brought back memories

  17. Wow, looks so so perfect, with vegetable kurma it would have tasted divine! I always buy pillsburry malabar magic parata. THis looks awesome!! :)Lovely shots!

  18. I always love the way u express things :)

  19. Hi...its no easy task to make these things at home. Hats off to you for the effort.

  20. Parotta looks yummy and well explained with the clicks...following you.Please do drop at my space.

  21. Look at the beauties we can declare you are expert in parotta making's looks just so perfect ..

  22. Awesome pics.. and delicious looking parotta

  23. Parottas with kurma will make me happy the entire day bharathy. I was virtually attacking all your parottas. You have made it so perfect, drooling here :)

  24. Amazing Post... Good to know someone living in Trichy , cooks so well lolz

  25. simply amazing every picture worth thousand words literally !

  26. Hi dear,pls collect ur awards from my blog.

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