Monday, July 11, 2011

Tomato Onion Chutney

thakkali chutney and kovakka 036

Ripe red tomatoes blended with onions and sautéed to perfection will be the right definition for this heart warming chutney. Or if you are on the look out for a tomato chutney that fairs well with a week's shelf life I highly recommend to try this one..


Ripe tomatoes (less sour variety will be better) - 1/2 kg
Big onions - 3 nos or 1/4 kg, sliced thin lengthwise
Garlic - 5-6 cloves
Red chilly powder- 1 1/2 - 2 tbsp or acc to your spice level
Dhania/coriander powder- atbsp
Oil- 2-3 tbsps

To Season:

Oil- 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds
Hing / Kayapodi- 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves - 2 sprigs
Salt- to taste

Step by step method

thakkali chutney and kovakka 004

Dice tomatoes

thakkali chutney and kovakka 001

Sauté onions in 2-3 tbsp oil for a few minutes adding salt.

thakkali chutney and kovakka 008

Addition of salt accelerates caramelizing. Add garlic cloves. Continue until onions turn golden brown.

thakkali chutney and kovakka 014

Dump in the tomato pieces and cook.

thakkali chutney and kovakka 018

Yes, the tomatoes let out water while cooking and become pulpy. You need not add water at any point of  sautéing this chutney A bit of spluttering would happen which is quite normal. See to it you use a large kadai.

thakkali chutney and kovakka 023

Continue to sauté in medium flame for a few more minutes until the water evaporates and the tomato onion mixture gets mushy and cooked. Remove from fire.

Cool and blend to a smooth paste. Add the oil to season in the same kadai, splutter the mustard seeds followed by hing and curry leaves. Switch off the flame and add the powders (chilly powder and dhania).This is to prevent charring of the powders. Stir in the paste immediately, put on the flame to medium.Check salt. Remove from fire when the oil separates and the chutney thickens.

Serve warm with Dosa or Hot idlies drizzled with sesame seed oil. I love this that way :).Coconut oil fairs well too.

thakkali chutney and kovakka 034

  • Note:
  • Let the tomatoes be ripe and red. The chutney would have that red hot colour and tastes perfect.
  • The kadai you choose can be non-stick and large as spluttering happens towards the later end.
  • The chutney keeps well in fridge for 2 weeks or even more if sautéed well enough!
  • Add oil liberally ; upto 4 tbsps (this chutney demands a bit more oil ) during the first part of sautéing itself .Then only the oil separates well after the second part (seasoning).
  • Half of the total amount can be substituted with gingelly seed oil too.
  • This comfortably adapts both the Tamil and Kerala cuisine as  Thakkali Vengaya Chutney and  Thakkali Ulli Chammanthi :)


  1. Wow looks fiery hot and yummy...perfect to go with hot idlis...Luv all the clicks!

  2. bharathy, you have lots of patience in your cooking and cutting skills,already i have wondered the way you had cut the cabbage in cabbage thoran recipe,now this,look at the way u have chopped tomatoes and my god the onions looks like noodles!! I want to cut that way,can you teach me :):) nice chutney too!

  3. such an vibrant chutney since the tomatoes are so finely chopped its come out wonderfully mine is never so shd try making it on a sunday:-))

  4. Redddd chutney is my favorite too :) I generally like chutneys that dont have coconut in them :) and this is surely one that I would enjoy :)

    Love the pink flowery laddle of yours :P

  5. Nice fiery chutney....I love this chutney because of the beautiful red color it gives to the chutney..looks yumm..:)

  6. bharathy...looks so hubby loves this chutney very much :)..ur photos are so goood

  7. Love the color of the chutney. I add a little fenugreek seeds to my version.



  8. yummilicious chutney perfect for idlis and dosas.

  9. Looks spicy & delicious! We make similar chutney but grind the onion & tomatoes and then thicken it with the seasoning.

  10. Looks delicioso and I am sharing it with couple of my relatives. Great pics, I love them.

  11. that hot color....yummy...

  12. Looks vibrant, spicy and a perfect side for any tiffin..

  13. Yummy chutney,looks spicy and a perfect side dish.

  14. Looks and sounds seriously good! I love spicy food and will make this even if I have to eat it all by myself (actually, that's what I want:-)). Lovely pics!!

  15. yummy hubs fsav chutney..lovely clicks

  16. My go-to dish when there are too many guests to manage

  17. Hi,
    I am soooo happyyy for your encouraging comment and yours is my first comment.My heart felt thanks for that.Thank u so much for spending ur valuable time for me.Your tomato chutney is very different from itself i am going to make a try.

  18. wow, that looks super delicious :)

  19. wowww... color is too tempting Bharathyyy..awesome shot

  20. Looks so tempting! I love any kind of tomato chutneys... great clicks as well!

  21. Very tempting. First time here and glad to follow you. Please visit me as time permits.

    Invitation for a Potluck
    Event - LGSS_Potato

  22. yummy chutny. i prepared this, it came very well. now my daughter wants to make me often . thank u very much.

  23. I really love this chutney and indeed one of my favorite one along with green chutney.

  24. I am making this chutney now. Just that my onions and tomatoes are big chunks. Wherever grinding is involved, I secretly drop small rock sized chunks!! Amma is coming here tomorrow; so surprise breakfast!

  25. Wow! tempting m going to cook today fantastic colour n delicioius!!!!!!!great


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