Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Cooking Station!

Swapna: Bharathy?

Me: ..yes...

Swapna: ..I've been thinking of this for some time..

Me: ..abt what?

Swapna: have a bit of  *nadan recipes ..

Me: yeah..

Swapna: While I specialise on bakes..

Me :true...

Swapna: Why dont we put them together?

Me ..merge our blogs, Swapna?

Swapna: not exactly!


Swapna: Put all our recipes together in one place and host them together. A complete list or recipes that would turn some help to a reader..

Me: Great Idea!! :)..gimme some time and I am up!!

*nadan - traditional

Above is a chat section from gtalk, which happened a fortnight ago.

If I hadn't mentioned about my relationship with Swapna, well, here is it.

We hail from the same town and were class mates in College. I used to be so surprised by her presentation skills during our 'practical cooking sessions' and tailoring classes back in those days; her creativity and prefection in everything she did!
I remember rushing to her mostly after a 'disaster' with my cooking and taking notes explained in a patient way from her!
This patience explains her utmost skills in cross stiches and crochets in her lovely world of stitching which you would have surely come across and appreciated!

While I organised the recipe list, Swapna cheerfully worked with the template. As a matter of fact, she worked and still works harder on the same than me.
We enjoyed every moment improving it and are surprised to see the long, complete and varied recipes which gave way to this humble 'Portal' of ours!

Our Cooking Station is born!
Hope our baby cheers you up as it does with us too :)


P.S- I am taking a month's break from blogging. So you may find me inactive with no responses to comments and queries. Hope you would bear with me until I get back :).


  1. congrats on you amalgamation :) Always a wonderful thing if two talented people can work together to create their magic :) good luck!

  2. Love the idea guys, I am going to go and check it out right now :)

  3. Congratulations and good luck. I am sure your merger will go on to bigger things.

  4. Congrats...Both of you..Great...Keep rocking..

  5. Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing lovely experience of your cooking station.
    dean graziosi

  6. Brilliant idea, kudos to both of u..

  7. That is a nice idea! Just checked your cooking station and looks great! Everything in one place and well organized

  8. Great idea and a wonderful page, Bharathy! Hope you're having a good time while away from the blogosphere ;)


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