Monday, January 3, 2011

Best of 2010 ~ A look back with Top Ten Recipes!

Seconds giving way to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to months….seasons…

I realize how fast time flies when I settle down to review the top posts at the end of each year; yet another year which has whisked past, packed with all mixed moments and memories of cheer, joy, tears, bitterness, disappointments, surprises …

The year had been a roller coaster one with a fabulous start on the first post.....

Pongal, the South Indian harvest festival, celebrated in our ancestral bungalow.

The most proud blogging moments were the ones when the post detailing the traditional South Indian harvest festival of Pongal , got approved by the Food Buzz Team and got featured for the month.

A recipe which got formed within minutes and made to reality within the next couple of hours! The hit post still surprises me with its amazing response, an example of a post which turns out to be overwhelming when you least expect , overtaking others which were worked on giving your heart and soul J

The name says it all!A bit of hard work and lots of creativity. Lavi, no words to Thank you my friend, for this has turned out to be the 3rd best post of the year!J

The exotic dessert which demanded a bit of creativity and lots of hard work ;)… won’t be the same for the seasoned bakers, anyway J.
One of my favourite bakes so far since we totally fell in love with the heavenly taste of the classic dessert!

Papaya Milkshake

A morning which called for a hurry burry breakfast.A simple spread of Idly and chutney, chilled milk on the kitchen counter, a ripe papaya in the crisper, idea by the husband and the pretty looking smoothie was born.The cute baby was photogenic and got extra popular :)

A Traditional Kerala recipe inherited from my mom. Many tried and got back with positive results.

Banana Fritters

Another age old and a common snack back in God’s own country.Thanks to my cravings which made me lay my hands on this one.

A simple and a common North Indian Side dish which surprisingly got into the best posts list.

Whole Green gram Payasam

Whole green gram cooked soft in rich coconut milk and jaggery and you get hooked to the authentic taste of this traditional payasam of Kerala, made for Onam.

Cubed potatoes cooked soft along with fresh and tender methi greens grown in the back yard.

Readers had obviously favorited the traditional recipes and Indianised bakes from my space for the year... :)
Happy moments like Chennai bloggers meet had been thrilling and funfilled!

The final day of the year pleasantly surprised me when 'The Hindu' published one of my recipes in the weekend Metroplus column.

To Sum up, I did have a contented and pleasurable year of blogging but am sure, still I have Miles and Miles to go..

I Sincerely Thank all my readers, followers and blogger buddies from the bottom of my heart for supporting me as always and I wish and hope this will continue for ever...

This goes to Valli's 'Best of year 2010' event!

Wishing you a Fabulous Year ahead, filled with Peace, Joy and Prosperity.

Bharathy :)


  1. I must chek out that kadala curry and mushroom masala, all of them looks delish, what i want right now is appom and kadala curry

  2. aio the appam tempts me too. great year sis, keep rocking through 2011 too :)

  3. Great round up dear! Have a wonderful year ahead!

  4. A delicious collection of recipes... Have a lovely 2011 :-)

  5. thats a gr8 collection! bookmarked a few I missed!

  6. lovely posts-- a few of them goes to my bookmarked recipes ! have a fab 2011 !!

  7. Delicious off to check the mushroom masala.

  8. After seeing your mushroom masala post, I stated using my madras curry powder that I always have in my pantry but seldom use. I made mushrooms using the curry powder, tweaked your recipe a bit and came out awesome.

    Nice post and happy new year and happy blogging in 2011!

  9. I loved looking at the ancestral home pics and the celebration, no doubt it is in the first place.
    Hope to see more of your delicious recipes.

  10. A very great recap dear, mouth watering recipes.

  11. Woww wat a fabulous recap, great recipes..

  12. Thanks for the wonderful recap..

  13. I think the PONGAL post was my fav one. Although i have tried the kadala curry with idiyappam(frozen),Mushroom Masala and Aloo Methi. Needless to say, they turned out great.
    Also i made the appams(sweet) ones for Krishna Jayanthi and the Mr gobbled it up.
    Keep the recipes coming in 2011.. we cant work wonders without you :D

  14. Nice collections .I read your pongal post now .Awesome


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