Monday, April 20, 2009

Easy Cauliflower and Bell Pepper Gravy

If you are in a look out for the recipe of a quick vegetable gravy that would go almost with any main dish, and would serve fine, your unexpected guests or potluck parties, well, here's your choice!..
Yeah!..I am holidaying at my mom's place now and discovered this a dish both my aunt(dad's sis)and mom make quite recently, frequently..or rather invented by them? ;).
To my surprise V and kids loved this gravy and I thought of blogging as a keeper ;).

According to amma and aunt..
we need,

Cauliflower-a small one-divided into small flowerettes
Green Bell Pepper-diced an inch long (no need to make them too thin strips)-a cup
Big Onions-sliced thin and long-2 nos
Fresh/frozen Green peas-1/4 cup
Tomato pulp- a heaped tbsp (may substitute fresh tomatoes as well)
Red chilly powder-a tsp
An inch piece of ginger, 3 cloves of garlic and 3 green chillies- pulsed coarse in a mixie
Soy Sauce- a tbsp
Corn flour-a tbsp, dissolved in 1/4 cup of luke warm water
Cilantro-to garnish
Oil-a tbsp

Heat oil in a large wide non stick kadai. Sauté onions till translucent(take care, not until golden),and next the pulsed ginger-garlic-chilly mix till the raw smell disappears.Now goes in the red chilly powder. Throw in the bell pepper pieces now and sauté lightly.Stir in the soy sauce in high fame and put off after a few seconds.

Cook the flowerettes and peas in a separate vessel in just enough salter water and transfer into the above kadai with the remaining cooked water.Mix well and bring to a boil. Stir in the cornflour-water mix.Simmer till the required consistency is reached(as in the picture).Simmer again for 3-5 minutes as the gravy thickens. Garnish with fresh cilantro and serve hot. Goes best with chappathis, plain rice or fried rice.


  1. Ohh the taste lingers in my mind even now.. miss home :( its going to take me another week to get my mind back to Singapore and work! :D

  2. Poor Nags she is really missing home, i remeber when i got married and came here i mmissed home so much i cried and cried for 6 months :-)Well i was only 21 then....
    Delicious curry would love to have with plain rice.

  3. Nice to see you blogging while holidaying:) Hope you all had a good time at home:) Curry looks very delicious!!! Waiting for your amma's cashew curry recipe you told me other day....Enjoy your time at home with loved ones:)

  4. Love the way its cooked and pictured... Nice gravy yum yum...

  5. Sounds indeed like a keeper,thanks for posting :))
    Enjoy ur days at ur mom's place:)

  6. This is so simple!! Will try :)

  7. Love the brilliant colour of the gravy.

  8. Beautiful pic... very easy curry. Like to coook with cauliflower, will save this recipe.

  9. bharathy,
    hope u r having good tim with amma..
    this curry is so easy and quick to make. beautiful pic too:)
    An award waiting for u in my blog..

  10. beautiful pic, bharathy! all ur pics are awesome!! the gravy sounds delicious as well..have a great vacation! :-)

    thanks a lot for ur comments abt the song :-)..theres a software called audacity in which u can sing tracks if you have the karaoke..then a good mic (we have a "shure") will definitely help!! hope this helps...just send me a msg if you would like to know more. :-)

  11. Wow..What an awesome curry!Easy to make and also so yummm!!

  12. Bharathy, enjoy your holidays in Kerala...
    cauliflower curry sounds tasty, a good side dish for fried rice!

  13. Miss you too sis :(..we keep sighing here :(!!

    Can understand you too HC..girls are supposed to be like that,right?.. :(!!

    I do make it and dint take a pic of mom's dish, Swapna..will def blog it for you when I make :)

    Thankyou girls, Ramya, Raks and A and N
    Thankyou Jayashree, Madhu and Prajusha..
    ...thanks for loving my blog prajusha and passing on the cute award :)..

    Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions, JZ...will write to you :)..You are really talented..

    Alice, welcome to my blog..and thanks for your Lovely comment!! :)


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