Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Sweet Start & the cook in me...

Hi fellow bloggers,
Well!...Its almost a month ,since I started my blog, 'dewdropsblue'.Soon I found a new 'Zest', a sort of happiness,fulfillment and self-satisfaction...virtual friends with whom we share a lot...Just to describe the day to day happenings and share my interests,the blog proved to be perfect media!
The interest in cooking,sharing recipes and presentation and an addictive love to it had all instilled me to start a food blog.

Now,I am prepared and set out to discover the 'cook' in me...
I happily welcome all my blogger friends to my new food blog.
Happy blogging!.


  1. Welcome Bharathy:) nice to see more of Kerala food blogs:)

  2. Nice blog Bharathy:)

    The food plate looks so yummy:)


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